melissa benoist

Marley Rose from Glee

Marley Rose (played by Melissa Benoist) is a member of McKinley High School’s New Directions on the show Glee in seasons 4 and 5.  Marley often struggles with her self-confidence and is in recovery for an eating disorder.  Her mother works as a lunch lady at her high school, which often results in teasing from other classmates.  Marley is best friends with Unique, and it is also revealed that she writes original songs in her spare time.


As a 13 year old girl, Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist) was given an intergalactic babysitting job by her parents, who sent her with the infant Kal-El from the doomed planet Krypton to Earth. During the journey, a mishap caused her to enter the Phantom Zone, where time stops, for 13 years. By the time she reached Earth, Kal-El had become a grown Superman, while Kara Zor-El was just learning to embrace her powers as Supergirl.

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