Mizushima Takahiro

Natsuhiko Hyuuga from Toilet Bound Hanako-kun

Natsuhiko (voiced in Japanese by Mizushima Takahiro and in English by Aaron Dismuke) is part of the broadcasting team in the anime/manga series Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun.

He is part of the Broadcasting Club at Kamome Academy, along with his crush Sakura, as well as the two supernaturals that often are seen there, Tsukasa and Mitsuba. While not fully personally intent on impeding Nene and her friends in their quests, he will do just about anything that Sakura asks, whatever it may be.

Natsuhiko has short, messy, red-orange hair worn in an undercut style, and grey eyes. He wears the usual Kamome school uniform, but with the outer sleeves rolled up, a long sleeved teal-ish shirt under it, cuffed off uniform pants with a belt, yellow-green ankle socks, the school shoes, and he finishes it off with two necklaces and a pair of stud earrings.

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