ncuti gatwa

The 15th Doctor

The 15th Doctor is the current iteration of the Doctor in Doctor Who. You may recognize his actor, Ncuti Gatwa, from his role in Sex Education as Eric Effiong. He is the product of the first ever bi-generation, splitting from the 14th Doctor. With bright colors – mainly browns and oranges – the 15th Doctor is all about flamboyant fashion. This is his official outfit, but we’ve already received sneak peeks of his future stylings. We’ve also gotten a look at his new sonic screwdriver!

Cowboy Ken from Barbie (2023)

Cowboy Ken is a supporting character in the hit 2023 movie Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig. He is one of the many Kens in Barbie Land. His partner Barbie is Physicist Barbie. His style is Western meets beach. He is portrayed by Ncuti Gatwa, who you may recognize as Eric Effiong from Sex Education and soon to be the 14th Doctor in Doctor Who. Check out Ryan Gosling’s Ken costume here.

ericeffiong-sexeducation-costume (1)

Eric Effiong from Sex Education

Eric Effiong (Ncuti Gatwa) is a main character in the live action Netflix series, Sex Education. He is Otis’ best friend who comes from a devout Ghanian-Nigerian family. Despite this, Eric is openly gay, and in a relationship with Adam. Eric has a loud, fun, and shameless personality. His fashion sense is vibrant and stylish, and sometimes accentuated with makeup.

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