Neferpitou from Hunter x Hunter

Neferpitou (voiced in Japanese by Ayumi Fujimura and in English by Sarah Williams) is part of the royal guards in the Chimera Ant arc of Hunter x Hunter.

They were the first of the guards to hatch, and put in charge of guarding their new king, Meruem, at the behest of his mother. Pitou is the science specialist of the group, and is in charge of understanding the concept of Nen, and how to use it to the ant’s advantage. Like most of the others, they are a fusion of an animal with the base ant, and have many cat features, in addition to doll looking joints.

Pitou has fluffy chin-length white hair, with a matching cat tail and unmatching light yellow cat ears, and gradiented reddish-yellow eyes. Their outfit consists of a deep blue peacoat with golden buttons, muted orange shorts and matching socks, and blue slip on shoes.

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