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Keith Kazama Flick from B the Beginning

Keith (voiced in Japanese by Hiroaki Hirata and in English by Ray Chase) is one of the main characters in the Netflix original anime series, B the Beginning.

He is a genius detective that came out of retirement to work with the R.I.S. in their efforts to catch the serial killer known as ‘Killer B’, which launches him into a much deeper investigation involving the case that made him quit in the first place.

Keith has dark teal eyes with a long thin scar underneath his right one, and he wears thin framed glasses. His hair is blackish-brown and worn in a short, shaggy cut, and his beard and mustache are much the same. The outfit he’s usually seen in is a loose-fitting off-white button up shirt, with a matching set of dark grey suit jacket and slacks, with a simple brown belt. It’s finished off with dark brown shoes, which he wears seemingly without socks.

Gilbert Ross from B the Beginning

Gilbert (voiced in Japanese by Toshiyuki Morikawa and in English by John DeMita) is one of the secondary main characters in the Netflix original anime series B the Beginning.

He works with the R.I.S. as their head forensics coroner, helping give them insight on the nastier parts of their cases. Out of the main cast, the one he’s closest to is Keith, as they have known each other for a very long time, and considers him a mental competitor in study.

Gilbert has white hair that he wears slicked back except for two long strands on either side of his face, and his eyes are a soft, bright blue. He wears a dark grey turtleneck that he has a mid-length white labcoat over, with a pen nested in the pocket. His pants are a pair of light grey slacks, which he wears a black belt on top of, and his shoes are a light grey slip-on formal shoe with a slight heel.

dot from harvey girls forever!

Dot from Harvey Girls Forever!

Dot (voiced by Kelly McCreary) is a character in the animated series Harvey Girls Forever! Dot is friends with Audrey and Lotta.  Dot is a fashion expert and science whiz who enjoys robotics.  Dot wears purple leggings with blue shoes, a blue shirt, and blue earrings.  Her blouse is sleeveless with polka dots.  If you can’t find an exact match, choose a solid sky blue one or focus on the polka dots instead.

lotta from harvey girls forever!

Lotta from Harvey Girls Forever!

Lotta (voiced by Lauren Lapkus) is a character from the animated series Harvey Girls Forever!  She is friends with Audrey and Dot.  Lotta was once the smallest girl on the block before a growth spurt made her taller than her friends.  She is a very caring friend, loves animals, and is easily scared.  Lotta has short blonde hair she styles with red ties.  Her outfit consists of peach leggings, a pink t-shirt, and blue, short-sleeved hoodie with pins on it.  She also wears a peachy-pink tutu.  Her boots are grey, mint, and yellow.  Use reflective tape to embellish a pair of boots, and wear mint green socks folded over top to recreate them.

johanna from hilda

Johanna from Hilda

Johanna (voiced by Daisy Haggard) is a main character in the graphic novel and animated series Hilda.  She is the mother of the titular blue-haired girl, Hilda, at the heart of the story.  Johanna moves herself and her daughter to Trolberg from the wilderness so Hilda can have a more normal childhood.  Johanna has short brown hair and often wears a burgundy sweater, brown pants, and white sneakers.

Trevor from Hilda

Trevor from Hilda

Trevor (voiced by Reece Pockney) is a boy who lives in Trolberg, the town where the titular Hilda moves with her family in the graphic novel and animated series that bear her name.  Trevor is rude and sometimes unkind, stopping at nothing to prove he saw a talking raven when his friends don’t believe him.  He wears an orange striped hat and orange scarf, with a purple-ish grey jacket, black pants, and grey boots.  You can choose either a jacket or a sweatshirt for your costume, depending on your preference.  Look for a hat with ear flaps and pom pom details in shades of orange, even if it isn’t a perfect match for Trevor’s.

audrey from harvey girls forever!

Audrey Bertha from Harvey Girls Forever!

Audrey Bertha (voiced by Stephanie Lemelin) is the main character of the animated series Harvey Girls Forever!  Her closest friends are Lotta and Dot.  Audrey is a tomboy with a penchant for inventing and a bit of a temper.  Her outfit consists of light blue sneakers, teal pants that she rolls up at the cuff, and a pink sweater with a green lightning bolt on it.  If you can find a sweater with a slightly darker, neckline, cuffs, and hem, it will be closer to the one Audrey wears on the show.  Otherwise, choose a plain pink one.  Add your lightning bolt with neon green fabric paint; just make sure you give it enough time to dry before you don your costume!

seven from scissor seven

Seven from Scissor Seven

Seven (voiced by He Xiaofeng in the original and Ronny Chieng and Saito Shinji in the American and Japanese dubs) is the amnesiac main character of the animated series Scissor Seven.  Seven is rather goofy and a bit of a pushover, but it’s eventually revealed that he was a deadly assassin prior to losing his memory.  Seven has dark, bushy eyebrows, and wears his hair in a spiky ponytail on top of his head; you can style a black wig to look similar.  His usual outfits consist of comfortable black shoes, black shorts, and a white hoodie with symbols for the numbers 6 and 7 on it.  To recreate his noticeable undereye bags, you can use a bruise makeup wheel typically used for Halloween makeup effects.

Richie Rich from Harvey Girls Forever!

Richie Rich is a character in the Netflix animated series Harvey Girls Forever! He is based on the Harvey Comics counterpart. As his name suggests, he comes from a wealthy background, though Richie Rich is a good kid and remains curious despite his intelligence. Jack Quaid, who you may recognize as Hughie Campbell in The Boys, voices this character.

arnheid from vinland saga

Arnheid from Vinland Saga

Arnheid (voiced by Mayumi Sako and Natalie van Sistine) is a slave of Keti alongside Thorfinn and Einar in Vinland Saga.  She is honest and hard-working even after losing her son.  When her husband Gardar finds her, they attempt to run away, but Gardar dies and Arnheid ends up recaptured before meeting her own end.  Arnheid has blonde hair and wears simple clothing including a brown dress, an apron with leather straps, and brown shoes.

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