Dana from Wayside

Yodana (voiced by Lisa Ng), more commonly referred to as Dana, is a character in the Wayside cartoon movie and TV series.  Dana is a strict rule follower, easily excitable, and a diligent student who wants the approval of her teacher Mrs. Jewls.  She is friends with Todd, Myron, and Maurecia.  Dana has purple hair parted in the middle and wears round-frame glasses.  She wears green and white sneakers with tall white socks and tan cargo shorts.  Her shirt is green striped and may be difficult to find an exact match for, so look for shirts with horizontal stripes in shades of green whose sleeves you can wear above your elbow.

Flora from Winx Club

Stella (voiced by Alejandra Reynoso in the English versions and Ilaria Latini in the Italian versions) is one of the six core members of the Winx club. She is also the Fairy of Nature and the princess of her home planet Linphea. Her boyfriend Helia works along side the significant others of several other Winx Club members and is a student at the Red Fountain school.

Her human form is her most popular. She has long light brown hair with blonde streaks, a green crop top, a pink skirt, green bracelets, and pink strappy heels that all correspond with her place as the Fairy of Nature. Her heels are a bit unique in that they have a flower on the outside of each ankle. This look can be achieved with the peony hair clips pictured above. Simply clip them to the ankle strap of your heels and you’ve got the same look! Just be sure and buy two so you have one for each ankle.

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