Hector Casagrande from The Casagrandes

Hector Rodrigo Casagrande Gutiérrez (voiced by Ruben Garfias) is a supporting character in the animated series The Casagrandes.  He is the husband of Rosa and the father of Maria.  Hector owns a bodega and enjoys letting Bobby work at it, though he can sometimes be overprotecting of his grandchildren.  Hector is balding with a bushy grey mustache.  He wears dark green pants, a pale yellow shirt, and black shoes.  He also wears a mustard colored sweater with yellow circles on the elbows, which you can add to your costume with iron-on patches.

Rosa Casagrandes from The Casagrandes

Rosa “Rosita” Casagrande (voiced by Sonia Manzano) is a character from the Nickelodeon cartoon series The Casagrandes.  She is the mother of Maria and the grandmother of the Casagrande children, including Bobby and Ronnie Anne.  Rosa is a loving grandmother who enjoys cooking for her family even if she often goes overboard in her preparation.  Rosa has dark hair she wears pulled back with a sage green hair tie.  Her outfit consists of a navy dress with a white collar and sleeves, black shoes, and a sage green apron.  She also wears gold earrings.  To create your costume, you can layer a plain navy dress over a Peter Pan collar blouse to emulate her dress and then add your accessories.

Tiff Crust from My Life as a Teenage Robot

Tiff Crust from My Life as a Teenage Robot

In My Life as a Teenage Robot, Tiffany “Tiff” Crust (voiced by Cree Summer) is the grungier half of the Crust Cousins. Alongside Brit Crust, she’s a highly fashionable and popular girl who bullies the students at Tremorton High School. Brit often clashes brashly with Jenny Wakeman and her friends.

Brit Crust from My Life as a Teenage Robot

Brit Crust from My Life as a Teenage Robot

In My Life as a Teenage Robot, Brittany “Brit” Crust (voiced by Moira Quirk) is the poshier half of the Crust Cousins. Alongside Tiff Crust, she’s a highly fashionable and popular girl who bullies the students at Tremorton High School. Brit often clashes passive aggressively with Jenny Wakeman and her friends.

arturo santiago from the casagrandes

Arturo Santiago from The Casagrandes

Arturo Santiago (voiced by Eugenio Debrez) is the father of Bobby and Ronnie Anne in the animated series The Casagrandes.  Arturo begins the series living in Peru and communicated with his family using video calls.  Later, he moves closer and takes a job at a verterinary clinic near his children so he can see them more often.  Arturo has dark hair and a beard and often carries a stethoscope.  He wears a light green t-shirt, blue pants, and red and white sneakers with tall white socks that have an orange stripe.

todd from wayside

Todd from Wayside

Todd (voiced by Michael Cera and Mark Rendall) is the main protagonist of the animated movie and TV series Wayside.  A transfer student at Wayside School, Todd often gets in trouble or sent home early from school by his teacher Mrs. Jewls.  He is friends with Dana, Maurecia, and Myron.  Todd has messy ginger hair and wears a blue t-shirt layered over a white long-sleeved shirt.  He also wears green cargo pants and are and white sneakers.

maurecia from wayside

Maurecia from Wayside

Maurecia (voiced by Denise Oliver) is a character from the animated movie and TV series Wayside.  She is a student in Mrs. Jewls‘ class, is friends with Myron and Dana, and has a huge crush on Todd.  Maurecia is a bit of a tomboy and prefers rollerblading as her primary mode of transportation.  Maurecia has long indigo hair she often wears in a ponytail beneath her pink helmet with purple flames.  Her clothing consists of a fuchsia shirt and a blue pleated skirt.  A pair of pink high-top sneakers will do the trick if you aren’t ready to commit to blading everywhere.  Add purple flame decals to your helmet to put the finishing touches on your costume.

maria santiago from the casagrandes

Maria Santiago from The Casagrandes

Maria Santiago (voiced by Sumalee Montano) is a character from the animated series The Casagrandes.  Maria is the divorced mother of the Santiago children, including Ronnie Anne and Bobby.  She is also a nurse.  Maria has dark hair that she wears in a low bun and her work uniform includes light blue scrubs, a white long sleeved shirt, and whtie shoes.

Alice from The Penguins of Madagascar

Alice is the main antagonist of The Penguins of Madagascar series, a Nickelodeon spinoff of the Dreamworks movie. She is a zookeeper, though she doesn’t seem to enjoy her job. Instead she relies on a voice automated robot to avoid annoying tour group questions. Alice and the penguins have a mutual dislike for each other, and she believes they’re always scheming.

myron from wayside

Myron from Wayside

Myron (voiced by Martin Villafana) is a character in the Wayside cartoon movie and TV series.  Friends and classmates with Todd, Dana, and Maurecia, Myron is also the one-time class president of Mrs. Jewls‘ class.  He is a little self-absorbed and can come across as rude as a result.  Myron wears small round glasses and his outfit is comprised of several different shades of green.  His clothing consists of light green shorts with a black belt, and a pale green collared shirt under a green sweater.  Lastly, he wears white socks and olive green and white sneakers.

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