JD from Heathers

Jason Dean, better known as “JD” (played by Christian Slater), is the teen with a sadistic side in the 80s dark comedy Heathers.  New to town, JD and Veronica quickly turn their high school upside down in their quest to exact revenge against the most popular students.  JD’s look embodies the outsider aesthetic.  He is portrayed wearing a long trench coat, black motorcycle boots, and a silver hoop earring no matter what the rest of his costume entails.  Though he wears several outfits during the course of the film, JD’s triumphant end comes in black jeans and a black-and-white graphic tee.  Tracking down a replica isn’t easy, so don’t be afraid to go for a plain black tee instead.  Strap your dynamite on and bandage up your left hand, and don’t be shy about the blood.


In a cast of awkward characters, Deb takes the cake. Dressed most often in pastel, this monotone sweetheart’s fashion sense is stuck in the ’80s with sideways ponytails and bangle bracelets. Perhaps after college she’ll earn a career that’s not selling handicrafts door-to-door, and update her wardrobe.

Paulie Bleeker

Paulie Bleeker, played by George Michael Blu– err Michael Cera, is an awkward teen who harbors a long-time crush on Juno MacGuff and somehow manages to get her pregnant. His only vice is orange Tic Tacs, which admittedly are the best Tic Tacs of all.

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