4th of July Finery: Patriotic Costumes Ideas for Independence Day

Break out the bratwursts and unpack the potato salad. The Fourth of July is right around the corner! Whether you’re […]

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam first came into use an a recruitment tool in the early 1900s and has been around ever since. His most well-known image circulated during World War II when could be found staring steely-eyed from recruitment posters all over the country. He’s now a staple of Halloween parties and even makes for a great Fourth of July costume if you’re looking to add a new tradition to the holiday!

There have been a few versions of Uncle Sam over the years. A pre-made costume set is the easiest way to get the most well-known version of him but you can trade out a few pieces for a more traditional look. The top hat is the easiest since a white top hat, blue fabric, and white applique stars can recreate the look from the WWII posters.

Finish off the look with a white wig and decorate buckle bands over your favorite pair of black dress shoes!


Homelander from The Boys

Homelander is a character in the Amazon TV series, The Boys, played by Antony Starr. He is the leader of The Seven, a team of superheroes who actually do more harm than good. His powers include flight, super strength, super hearing, plus x-ray and laser vision. Despite his symbolic similarities to Superman and Captain America, he is the antagonist. While the public thinks of him as a benevolent hero, he is actually vain, twisted, and power-obsessed. He is probably the most evil and sociopathic of The Seven. Billy Butcher knows his true character, and seeks revenge on him for the death of his wife.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is an Amazonian warrior princess, who possess superhuman powers and superior combat skills. With her Lasso of Truth and indestructible bracelets she fights those who seek to destroy the Amazon.

Captain America

A frail Steve Rogers takes an experimental serum and becomes Captain America, a World War II hero and leader of the Avengers. As the name suggests, he’s pretty patriotic, garbing himself head to toe in the stars and stripes. Most recently, Cap has been played by actor Chris Evans.

Colonel Stars and Stripes

After barely escaping an ambush, mafioso Sal Bertolinni (Jim Carrey) decides to leave behind his life of crime in Kick-Ass 2. He becomes a born-again Christian and the masked vigilante known as Colonel Stars and Stripes.

Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody’s Ass

In It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Charlie goes America all over everybody’s ass when they start treading on him. He breaks into a patriotic song, declaring that he’s gonna sew a flag and ride a big truck and kick some ass. Rock, flag and eagle.

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