Embarrassment from Inside Out 2

Embarrassment (voiced by Paul Walter Hauser) is a character in Inside Out 2.  Embarrassment joins Ennui, Envy, and Anxiety as the newest additions to Riley Anderson tumultuous cast of emotions.  His personality aligns well with his name, and he is shown to be awkward and shy.  Embarrassment has pale pink skin and brighter pink hair.  He wears a light purple hoodie pulled up over his head and covering his mouth, as well as purple pants and red shoes.

Romi from Catch! Teenieping

Romi (voiced by Lie Ji-hyun in the original Korean and Catalina Natasha in the English dub) is the main protagonist of Catch! Teenieping.  Romi is a princess from the Emotions Kingdom who now lives as a regular high schooler in Harmony Town while secretly collecting the Teeniepings.  Romi has long pink hair and can often be found wearing the same shade throughout her outfit.  It might be tricky to try to recreate her look exactly, but there are certainly ways to get close.  For instance, a bright pink sailor suit could work for her season one look.  Otherwise, a pink skater skirt with a puff sleeve blouse and light pink bow tie will also be a close match.  To recreate her look later in the series, try to find a pink plaid skirt with attached suspenders and swap out the pink bow for a blue one.  Either way, complete the look with white and pink knee socks and bright pink mary jane shoes.  Lastly, a Teenieping plush can add the finishing touches to your costume if you’re a fan of props.

barbie from barbie movie

Barbie (2023)

Barbie (played by Margot Robbie), one of the most iconic toys in existence, is now getting the live-action treatment in her own film.  Cast out of Barbieland for not being perfect enough, Barbie finds herself transported to the real world alongside Ken.  Barbie’s outfits are bright and outlandish, perfect for a doll.  Getting exact matches for the costumes is going to be almost impossible, so focus on recreating the look as closely as you can while channeling the overall vibe.  You can use some iron-on star patches to add details to her pink cowgirl outfit, and if you don’t feel like rollerblading in your costume all night, a pair of neon high-tops can be easily swapped in.

Gretchen Weiner from Mean Girls

Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls

Gretchen Wieners (played by Lacy Chabert) is the one non-blonde in the mean girls clique at her school. At least until Cady (played by Lindsey Lohan) starts at their school. Gretchen is largely a people-pleaser though she has her limits. And when she reaches them, watch out! Her temper can be explosive. And when it’s time to move on, Gretchen doesn’t have any problems. It turns out she’s good with people! Just don’t tell Regina that.

Gretchen has two key looks in the film. The first is her Wednesday look. After all, on Wednesday they wear pink. In Gretchen’s case this means a tight pink sweater, a gold plaid skirt, and pink heels paired with a blue purse.

Her other look is the Christmas show look. A red Santa hat, Santa babydoll dress, and black boots are all you need for that look.

In both cases you’ll want a long wavy brown wig and, if you want to carry an accessory, your very own Burn Book. Though I recommend leaving yours blank!


Who didn’t want to be Jem during the 1980’s? The second Jerrica Benton touched her holographic earrings Syngergy transformed her into the dazzling rock star, Jem. Between running a foster program for teens, driving a sweet Rolls Royce, and romancing Rio it’s surprising that Jem found time for belting out tunes. But she and the Holograms managed to outperform the Misfits in every episode. And she did it wearing a lot of pink.

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