rachel sennott

PJ from Bottoms

PJ is a character from the film Bottoms, and is played by Rachel Sennott. Bottoms follows PJ and her best friend Josie who are seniors at Rock Ridge High School. They create a fight club together at their school to get the attention of her crush Brittany.

PJ has a big personality compared to Josie and this reflects into her costumes. While Josie sticks to cool colors, PJ wears warm ones with lots of red. One recognizable costume is her red rugby s oversized shirt that would make a great duo/matching costume with Josie in the scene that wears a blue one. Add a bandage to your nose and makeup to create a bruised eye to complete the look. Another look is this bold and colorful outfit with a multicolored striped shirt, black suspenders, and brown corduroy pants.

Alice from Bodies Bodies Bodies

Alice (played by Rachel Sennott) is a podcaster and part of the core group of long-time friends at the heart of the film Bodies Bodies Bodies.  Alice loves a good party and spends much of the early part of the film getting high with David.  Her new boyfriend Alex becomes a prime suspect once David is found dead, however, and the night quickly spirals out of control from there.  Alice wears black pants and strappy heeled sandals, but the most fun part of her costume consists of numerous glow necklaces and bracelets, which she sports throughout the night.  Finding a crocheted crop top that exactly matches hers might be tough, so don’t be afraid to choose one that has a similar cut, color, or pattern if you can’t find something that does all three.

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