Rachel Zegler

Lucy from The Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

Lucy is a character from the new Hunger Games film releasing this November: Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes and is played by Rachel Zegler. The Hunger Games series of films are based off of the original books by Suzanne Collins. This film takes place 64 years before the original Hunger Games we know. In this new film we get to see Coriolanus Snow at 18 years old who is assigned to mentor Lucy of District 12 as the 10th annual Hunger Games approaches.

Lucy’s iconic costume is one that both features trends of today, historic inspired pieces, and a fantastical flare. She wears a canvas corset top that appears to be hand-painted with images of flowers and snakes that create the e age of a bow. There are also ribbons where the shoulder straps meet the bodice. This can be re-created by wearing a canvas floral fashion corset top and adding ribbon, or taking or creating a blank one and then hand painting with fabric paints. Under that she wears a “peasant” top which is historically inspired. It’s ruffled with a square neckline and poofy sleeves. Under this she wears a maxi tulle ruffled layered skirt that can be recreated by starting with a white skirt as the base and dyeing it in layers. The skirt linked here is synthetic, so using synthetic Rit dye will be very effective for this look.

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