raya and the last dragon

Boun from Raya and the Last Dragon

Boun (voiced by Izaac Wang) is a supporting character in the Disney film Raya and the Last Dragon.  Boun owns a restaurant called Shrimporium, which is located on a boat.  He helps guide Raya and Sisu as they attempt to restore the Dragon Gem.  Boun has messy brown hair and wears loose fitting pants, a brown top, and brown shoes that curl at the ends of the toes.  He also dons a gold band around his left bicep.

Noi from Raya and the Last Dragon

Noi (voiced by Thalia Tran) is a supporting character in the animated Disney feature Raya and the Last Dragon.  Noi was orphaned and later adopted by a trio of mischievous creatures known as Ongis.  Noi is intelligent despite only being a baby and she and her adopted family make their living as con artists.  Noi joins Raya and Boun on the quest to restore the Dragon Gem.  Noi wears clothing that is predominantly purple.  To create your costume, you’ll want to start with purple striped leggings and a long sleeved purple shirt.  Over those, layer a lighter purple bodysuit and a pink belt.  Lastly, use small pink hair ties to create the three tiny buns on Noi’s head.

namaari from raya and the last dragon

Namaari from Raya and the Last Dragon

Namaari (voiced by Gemma Chan) is the primary antagonist of the Disney animated feature film Raya and the Last Dragon.  She is the princess of Fang, one of the five lands of Kumandra, just as Raya is a princess of Heart.  Namaari is fiercely protective of her people and will do whatever it takes to help them prosper.  She wears her hair short and shorn on one side where she wears a long gold tassel earring.  If you aren’t quite ready for an undercut, a deep side part and some gel to slick back the hair on the left side of your head can help you achieve a similar look.  She also wears gold arm bands and a gold belt over a red sash, harem pants, and a beige tank top.

Sisu from Raya and the Last Dragon

Sisu from Raya and the Last Dragon

Goofy and lovable with a penchant for rhyming, Sisu the dragon (voiced by Awkwafina) has numerous magical abilities, including transforming into a human. Her outfit seems like it was practically designed with us cosplayers in mind! Sisu and her newfound friend Raya embark on a quest to unite the fragments of a powerful dragon orb that protects the five divided kingdoms of Kumandra from evil spirits.

Princess Raya from Raya and the Last Dragon

Raya Kelly is the main character in the latest Disney+ film, Raya and the Last Dragon. Voiced by Kelly Marie Tran, whom you may recall portrayed Rose Tico in the recent Star Wars movies, Raya is a warrior princess who must find the last dragon, Sisu, to save her home from a dangerous plague. She is headstrong, mature, and adaptable, all traits that make her a capable leader of the group. However her biggest flaw is a reluctance to trust others. In addition to master martial arts, she utilizes kali sticks and her whip sword to battle enemies. Her pet is Tuk Tuk, a giant creature who resembles a hybrid of a pug, armadillo, and pill bug. Raya makes history as Disney’s first Southeast Asian princess.

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