John Ambrose McClaren from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 2

John Ambrose McClaren (played by Jordan Fisher) is Lara Jean Covey’s newest love interest in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: P.S. I Still Love You. An intelligent and caring former classmate, John Ambrose volunteers at the same nursing home as Lara Jean. Whether he is hosting the Star Ball in a white tux or bringing pizzas to hangout with his friends (which irritates Lara Jean’s boyfriend, Peter), John Ambrose is always dressed to impress with a winning smile and attitude.

Peter Kavinsky from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 2

Peter Kavinsky (played by Noah Centino) has some competition in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: P.S. I Still Love You. When a former classmate, John Ambrose, responds to one of Lara Jean Covey’s letters, his relationship with her becomes a little complicated. Peter is a popular student who plays lacrosse for his high school, and his style is casual and comfortable, but trendy. While he does not prioritize his fashion sense in the same way as Lara Jean, he does his best to look good for their first date. Always thoughtful, he brings flowers for his girlfriend when he picks her up for dinner, and recites poetry to her on Valentine’s Day.

lara jean covey from to all the boys ive loved 2

Lara Jean Covey from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 2

In To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 2: P.S. I Still Love You, Lara Jean Covey (played by Lana Condor) finds herself having to choose between her dreamy boyfriend Peter Kavinsky and a new love interest who responds to one of her original letters, John Ambrose. While much of Lara’s signature vintage-infused style is seen in the film, she also gets to dress up more for some exciting events including her first date with Peter, a traditional Korean New Year celebration, and a ball she and John Ambrose throw at the nursing home where they both volunteer.

Danny Zuko

In Grease, Danny Zuko (John Travolta) is the leader of the Rydell High greaser gang known as the T-Birds. Confident and often arrogant, Zuko discovers that his summer fling may not be just a fling when it turns out his love interest, Sandy Olsson, transfers to his high school.

Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman

In Pretty Woman, Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) is a prostitute with a heart of gold. As luck would have it, her john is a handsome and wealthy Richard Gere, who treats her to a makeover.

Baby from Dirty Dancing

Frances “Baby” Houseman (Jennifer Grey) develops a crush on dance instructor Johnny Castle after seeing his “dirty dancing” moves. She becomes his dance partner and at first their personalities clash, but they eventually have the time of their lives.

Johnny Castle

Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) is a dance instructor who pairs up with Baby in Dirty Dancing. He teaches her how to dance and how to have confidence in herself because like he says, “nobody puts Baby in the corner.”

Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything…

In Say Anything…, Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) is an average student pursuing Diane Court, a valedictorian way out of his league. When asked by Diane’s father what he wants to do after graduation, he reveals that he wants to be a professional kickboxer.

Tom from (500) Days of Summer

In (500) Days of Summer, Tom Hansen (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is the classic underachiever, trained as an architect but working as a writer for a greeting card company. He falls hard for a co-worker named Summer and they eventually date, but something tells me that their days are numbered.

Bella Swan

Bella Swan is the girl who couldn’t wait to become a vampire, and a vampire she became. We all love vampire Bella a little more than human Bella, with her spunk, strength, and willingness to protect others. You go get ’em Mrs. Cullen.

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