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Samekichi from Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

Samekichi is one of the main characters in the pixel horror game (and manga adaptation) Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea.

He was the first one to become one of Wada’s familiars and cares for her very deeply, even though he ends up having to try and push her away to keep her safe from his twin brother, Sal. Like the rest of the familiars, he is animal based, with his being a shark. He is able to shift between both the humanoid version, and his shark form at will.

Samekichi has blueish grey shaggy hair, worn partially in his face, and just past his chin, with a notched shark fin sticking out of the top. His eyes are also a deep shaded blue, with a grey overtone to them. His usual outfit consists of a light grey undershirt, with a black jacket with a white fur trim over top, and dark greyish-black pants with his shark tail coming out of the back. It’s finished off with a metal anchor necklace to represent his connection to Wada, a black belt, dark gloves, and black heeled shoes with blue soles.

Sal from Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

Sal is the main antagonist of the pixel horror rpgmaker game, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. [Spoilers below]

He is the ambassador of the Sea of Death, serving under Mikotsuhime, and is obsessed with Wadanohara in a possessive and manipulative way, even to the point of trying to violently steal her from his twin brother, Samekichi. Both of them are sharks, and can shift between both an animal and more humanoid form.

Sal has white, chin length hair, with a shark fin sticking out of the top, and bright red eyes, occasionally ringed in red eyeliner. He wears a mid-toned grey button-up shirt tied with a black tie, and a white coat with dark buttons over top. With the jacket, he wears matching white pants that you can see his shark tail over, and the outfit is finished off with black gloves over sharp fingers, and black heals with red soles.

Dio/Robin from Mad Father

Robin/Dio is one of the major characters in the 2012 RPGMaker pixel horror game Mad Father.

For the majority of the early part of the fandom, he was referred to as Dio by the fans, and was also called as such on the Steam announcement page, but is called Robin in-game, so it’s a bit up for debate. He protects Aya throughout intense points of the game, and tries to get her to leave with him, to keep her safe.

Dio/Robin has short, fluffy golden-blonde hair, and brown eyes, though depending on the point of the story, one of them is heavily damaged/missing, and he covers it up with a wrap bandage. He wears an off-white/cream button up shirt with the sleeves partially rolled, cuffed brown pants, dark suspenders, and light brown shoes.

Maria from Mad Father

Maria is a major character in the 2012 RPGMaker pixel horror game, Mad Father.

She is the assistant to Aya’s father, as well as his lover, and works as the family’s maid. Aya isn’t close with her, and doesn’t like her very much, but Maria does try to keep her at least relatively safe for a good part of the game. This leads to Aya reconsidering their bond.

Maria has coppery-brown hair worn in thick braids and tied with light pink ribbons, bright green eyes, and she wears red lipstick. Her outfit as the family’s maid and Alfred’s assistant is nurse-like, with a white headpiece, a long sleeveless green dress, and a white, high collared under layered shirt with puffed sleeves. The type of shoes she has is unclear, due to the skirt length on the sprite.

Ellen from The Witch’s House

Ellen is the witch of the Witch’s House, a 2012 RPG Maker pixel horror game.

The majority of her story is written in the ‘Diary of Ellen’ novel, and it details the history of her rough upbringing, the background of how she became a witch, and what lead up to the start of the story of the game, including her interactions with Viola.

Ellen has very long, light purple hair, worn slightly tied back with a large red bow, and golden, slitted pupil eyes. She wears a white long sleeved collared shirt with a black bow at the neck and ruffled sleeves, and a long red sleeveless dress with a poofed skirt. She does not wear shoes.

Aya Drevis from Mad Father

Aya is the main playable character of the 2012 RPGMaker pixel horror game, Mad Father.

She gets thrown headfirst into running from test subjects roaming around her family’s home, due to her father’s experiments, which leads her to meet Robin, starting her on the path to figuring out the truth about what’s been going on.

Aya has long black hair, worn in a hime cut, and tie back slightly with a large pink bow, and blue eyes. She wears a blue dress with a white collar and cuffs, and puffed sleeves, with a white apron over top and a fluffy white petticoat underneath. Her shoes are brown, lace up boots, and she wears a golden necklace.

Viola from The Witch’s House

Viola is the main playable character in the 2012 RPG Maker pixel horror game, The Witch’s House.

She is described as being very trusting, much to her downfall, as Ellen takes advantage of that to live a better life through her.

Viola has golden blonde hair, worn down in two loose braids, tied at the ends by red ribbons, and her eyes are a dull green. She wears a full-skirted blue dress with a red trim along the base, a white full coverage apron with a large white bow in the back, and brown open-top boots.

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