Sam Phillips

Lord Debling from Bridgerton (Season 3)

Lord Debling is a character from the new third season of Bridgerton, and is played by Sam Phillips. Lord Debling is a character we meet while following the true star of this new season, Penelope Featherington. Penelope meets him in the season right in the middle of her falling head-over-heels for Colin Bridgerton, and so far she has gotten to the point of almost marrying Debling. He’s a kind and mature gentlemen who has strong interests in history and reading.

To dress like Lord Debling, wear a black tailcoat, black regency trousers, a white ruffle collar shirt, cream and gold embroidered vest, and tall black boots. Another look of his during the day and outdoors features a gray wool coat and deep brown or black top hat.

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