Elvira from Scarface

In Scarface, Elvira played by Michelle Pfeiffer was a mistress of Frank Lopez a noted drug lord in Miami. After Frank’s death and countless pursuits, she ends up marrying Tony Montana. As their marriage dissolves Elvira, fed up with being controlled, leaves Tony. Elvira struggles with addiction but has always had an independent spirit and won’t be bossed around because of it. Optionally for this costume, I included a Rhinestone Application Kit. If you choose to you can mimic the gem pattern on her dress.

Gina Montana from Scarface

In Scarface, Gina Montana played by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio is Tony Montana’s little sister. Tony is overprotective of her and hypocritically does not want her using or being around others that use or deal drugs. Gina is hard working with a passion for being a hairdresser but her life is ruined due to Tony’s obsession with control over her life. Gina’s Babylon Club outfit is all about gold metallics and classic smokey eye/red lip makeup.

“Scarface” Tony Montana

In Scarface, Tony Montana (Al Pacino) is a Cuban refugee who arrives in Miami with nothing in his pockets. Through determination and a strong dose of violence, he rises to become a powerful drug kingpin. Don’t forget to accessorize with Tony’s “little friend”.

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