scout leader

Scout Master Randy Ward from Moonrise Kingdom

Scout Master Randy Ward is from the film Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson, and is played by Edward Norton. This character is a Khaki Scout troop leader in the film that Sam Shakusky is a part of.

Scout Master Ward wears a full khaki getup like the rest of the group with scout patches, a ranger hat, long socks, and a yellow bandana. If you’re someone who enjoys sewing, add yellow piping to the costume as a detail to bring this uniform all together.

Pete Martino from Ghosts

Pete Martino (played by Richie Moriarty) is the perpetually upbeat 80s scout master killed by a stray arrow on the CBS sitcom Ghosts.  Prior to his death, Pete was a dedicated family man and scout leader to a troop of girls, one of whom loosed the arrow that accidentally resulted in his demise.  To recreate his look from the show, you’ll need large-framed glasses, tall boot socks, green shorts, and a khaki shirt.  Adorn the shirt with as many patches as you want.  The easiest way to make it look like there’s an arrow through your throat is to use a gag headband turned sideways.  A neckerchief can double as part of the costume as well as a disguise for the headband while it helps hold it in place.

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