sea monster

Lagoona Blue

Lagoona Blue is a character in the Monster High franchise. She is the daughter of a sea monster. She is from Australia so she speaks with an accent. She can also communicate with marine life. She is in a relationship with Gil. With dolls, cartoons, and a live action movie, Lagoona has many different styles. Therefore, our costume guide features a variety of pieces to assemble a unique outfit. Her style is sporty, yet cute, with a central color palette of blue, hot pink, and black, plus yellow for her hair. Undersea or nautical elements such as scale print, fishnets, and pearls, pull her outfits together.

Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean

What horrors love can turn a man to do, Davy Jones knows only too well. The dreaded Lord of the Deep, once charged with guiding the souls of those who died at sea, turned cruel when the goddess Calypso did not return his love. Played by Bill Nighy, he stops at nothing to show us why we (and Will Turner) should fear the deep in the Disney series Pirates of the Caribbean.

There’s a lot that goes into a costume like Davy Jones. Most of the look in the movie relied on CGI so getting something accurate isn’t particularly easy. Makeup tutorials like this one help, though. And you will need to distress the pieces of the costume to fit Jones’ ages-old and sea-weary look. You’ll also want a large quantity of sea shells and sand to give your clothes the look of a man who has slept at the bottom of the sea for centuries.

Of course you need the actual costume pieces too. A Cthulhu mask gives you some of Jones’ beard tentacles while tentacle “horns” add some on top of your head. You can either use these with a bald cap or attach the tentacles to your pirate hate .

For the rest of Jones’ clothes you’ll need a shirt, vest, overcoat, pants, thick belt, and boots.

And Davy Jones would not be Davy Jones without the music box to remind him of the past that led to his fate.

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