seven deadly sins

Gowther from Seven Deadly Sins

Gowther is a character in the anime Seven Deadly Sins. Revealed to be a doll created by the Grand Wizard as well as a former member of the Ten Commandments, he is the Goat’s sin of Lust. His main power is Invasion and his main weapon is the Twin Bow. Alongside his androgynous appearance, Gowther prefers wearing women’s clothes. This outfit will require some handicrafts. First, cut a scoop neck from the t-shirt so it hangs off your shoulders. You might want to order the shirt a size up so it slouches down, and you’ll  see the straps of the black tank top underneath. Use the silver fabric paint for the design around the new neckline, as well as around the four black buttons, which you should place down the white shirt. Another option could be using black fabric paint to make the buttons as oppose to using the actual buttons in this guide. Regarding the lavender shirt, use the dark purple marker to draw vertical lines down the sleeves.

King from Seven Deadly Sins

In Seven Deadly Sins, King, full name Fairy King Harlequin, is the Grizzly’s Sin of Sloth. He likes to carry around a green leopard print pillow which is actually the transformation of his sacred spear Chastiefol.

Elizabeth Liones

In Seven Deadly Sins, Elizabeth Liones is the third princess of the Kingdom of Liones, an adopted daughter of King Liones, and is originally from the kingdom of Danafor. She is working as a waitress at Boar Hat Bar when she joins Meliodas in his journey to find the Seven Deadly Sins.


In Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas is the captain and the main protagonist. Despite looking like a child, he is over three thousand years old, and is utterly fearless in the face of danger.

Diane from Seven Deadly Sins

In Seven Deadly Sins, Diane is the Serpent’s Sin of Envy. As a member of the giant clan, she is much larger than ordinary people, and wields her sacred treasure, the massive War Hammer Gideon.