Sk8 the Infinity

Kaoru Sakurayashiki (Cherry Blossom) from Sk8 the Infinity

Kaoru (voiced in Japanese by Hikaru Midorikawa and in English by Daman Mills) is one of the main cast members of the anime Sk8 the Infinity.

He is one of the founding members of ‘S’, the skating community that most of the story takes place in during the series. His main specialties are AI programming that he uses to program his skateboard and skating routes, and calligraphy.

Kaoru has long light-bubblegum pink hair tied back in a ponytail for his ‘S’ look, and golden eyes. As Cherry, he wears a white, nearly sleeveless kimono (purple cuffs instead of sleeves), and black hakama pants, tied with a yellow belt. He has a few other accessories mostly in black, such as a mask and protective pieces. He skates while wearing white, grey, and purple boots, styled after traditional sandals.

Tadashi Kikuchi from Sk8 the Infinity

Tadashi (voiced in Japanese by Kensho Ono and in English by Brandon Johnson) is one of the semi-main characters in the Sk8 the Infinity anime.

He is the one that taught Ainosuke how to skate, and is the one that (by proxy) is in charge of all the background monitoring and coordination of the crew for the “S” meets. Despite being reprimanded and eventually prohibited from outright seeing him because of their mismatch in social stature, Tadashi remained a constant support pillar in his life, even to the point of becoming his secretary and most loyal companion.

Tadashi has professional looking semi-fluffy black-blue hair and green eyes. For the most part when we see him, he has a white button up, a lavender tie, a fitted black suit and slacks, and brown loafers. He has another look for when he’s at the “S” meets, which will be covered at a later date.

Ainosuke Shindo (Adam) from Sk8 the Infinity

Adam (voiced in Japanese by Takehito Koyasu and in English by David Wald) is one of the main characters and technically the main antagonist in the Sk8 the Infinity anime.

He is one of the three founders of “S”, along with Kaoru and Kojiro, when they were teenagers. He uses “S” as an escape from the political future that his aunts are trying to push him into, with Tadashi (his friend from childhood that taught him how to skate originally) as the only one in his household’s circle that knows his secret.

Despite having a heavily professional look while in the presence of his aunts, while at “S” he becomes a completely different persona, becoming ‘Adam’ over ‘Ainosuke’. His usually carefully brushed blue hair becomes spiked and wild, and his red eyes are hidden behind an ornate mask, obscuring his identity. He has a couple rather elaborate outfits while skating, though this is his main one. It’s styled off of a matador look, bright red with large amounts of detailing, with the whole thing being very skin tight. His elbow, shoulder, and knee guards are pointed, and he wears tall black boots with red soles and a matching red heart adorning the top.

Miya Chinen from Sk8 the Infinity

Miya (voiced in Japanese by Takuma Nagatsuka and in English by Ry McKeand) is one of the main cast members of the anime Sk8 the Infinity.

He is one of the younger members of ‘S’ but is very well known in the circle for his talent. Miya does skating competitions, training to move forward with it professionally with the help of his manager. Aside from skateboarding, he also enjoys playing video games.

Miya has fluffy black hair with two ahoges, and vibrant green eyes. His outfit is very cat themed, with a striped shirt underneath a bright green and blue hoodie with cat ears, eyes, and a tail attached. He wears a pair of gloves while he skates, black sport shorts, blue socks with orange stripes on them, and yellow and white shoes with blue stripes. Miya’s skateboard is black with a purple X on the top, and a cat/game motif across the bottom.

Langa Hasegawa from Sk8 the Infinity

Langa (voiced in Japanese by Chiaki Kobayashi and in English by Howard Wang) is one of the main characters in the anime Sk8 the Infinity.

Coming into the story as an exchange student to Japan from Canada, he was originally purely a snowboarder. Reki, who ends up becoming his best friend, helps him get comfortable with skateboarding, and they both get pulled into S, a collection of underground skateboarding races.

Langa has chin length light blue hair, and bright tealy-aqua colored eyes. A lot of his theming is light and blue tones. He wears a black undershirt with a white long sleeved button-up over top, blue jeans, and periwinkle high-tops. When skating he wears blue and black gloves, and his skateboard has a yeti on it.

Reki Kyan from Sk8 the Infinity

Reki (voiced in Japanese by Tasuku Hatanaka and in English by Matt Shipman) is one of the main characters in the anime Sk8 the Infinity.

While already a highly invested skateboarder, Reki drags the new kid (and soon to be best friend) at his school (Langa) to S skating meets, and even helps him to learn how to transfer his snowboarding skills into being a skateboarder. Reki is also very creative, and likes to design art pieces and build homemade skateboards, which eventually leads to Langa having a custom built one from him.

Reki has floppy spiky red hair worn with a blue wide headband, and has amber-orange eyes. He dresses pretty street casual for the most part, with a yellow hoodie with a design matching his board, a red wristband, black pants, and blue shoes with yellow detailing. He sometimes will also wear a black jacket over top of the hoodie, and red and black gloves, when skating.

Kojiro Nanjo (Joe) from Sk8 the Infinity

Kojiro (voiced in Japanese by Yasunori Matsumoto and in English by Jonah Scott) is one of the main cast members of the anime Sk8 the Infinity.

He is one of the founding members of ‘S’ and has been a skater since he was a teenager, preferring to use his above-average strength to perform dangerous skate tricks with ease during competitions. When he isn’t skateboarding, he’s also a professional chef with his own restaurant.

Kojiro has reddish-brown eyes (a little hard to determine due to lighting) and green messy hair that he ties back in a low ponytail while skating. He prefers to show off while he’s skating, so only wears a multicolored jacket off his shoulders and a necklace on his top half, as well as low-slung white pants with black and gold criss-crossed belts over them. He finishes off the outfit with black finger-less gloves and black/orange sneakers.

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