Tasi Trianon

Anastasie “Tasi” Trianon from Amnesia: Rebirth

Anastasie “Tasi” Trianon (voiced by Alix Wilton Regan) is the newest entry in the Amnesia the Dark Descent franchise’s protagonist lineup, being from the most recent game in the series, Amnesia: Rebirth.

Tasi is a Parisian engineering drafter that ends up going on an expedition from Algeria to French Sudan with her husband and their team, until the plane’s engine malfunctions and causes them to crash and wreck in the Algerian Desert.

In line with the rest of the series, there are a lot of parts of the game where the story is told from a very unreliable narrative standpoint, as Tasi, dealing with personal loss and grief, descends further into her own madness and confused memories overlapping each other, as she seeks to find answers.

There are a few things on Tasi’s design that were a little tricky to determine just because some of the concept art conflicts with each other, as well as the in-game models.

Tasi has choppy brownish hair, tied back in a ponytail, a mustard yellow cardigan looking button up with two chest pockets (I was unable to find a close enough match but I did include dyes that should be compatible with the shirt’s fabric blend), distressed grey-blue work jeans, a short tan scarf, light tan work boots with white laces, and I gave her a match instead of the typical lantern because the one that she has in game seems to have been a fabricated design pulled together from a few different lantern types of the time.

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