Totoko Yowai

Totoko Yowai from Osomatsu-San

Totoko (voiced in Japanese by Aya Endo and in English by Cassandra Lee Morris) is one of the main female characters in the 2015 adaptation of the anime Osomatsu-San.

She is a recurring character that originally appeared in Osomatsu-Kun, the previous iteration of this series, and has carried on into the newer version. She is the daughter of fish merchants, and uses that part of her upbringing in her prospective idol career, being a fish themed idol (which never quite goes well for her). Towards the latter part of the series, she’s formed an unsteady friendship with another idol in the scene, Hashimoto Nyaa, despite how much they initially hated each other.

Totoko has mid-toned brown hair, worn slightly up in a bun topped with a pink headband, and with two small low pigtails that are tied with light yellow ribbons. Her eyes are a similar soft brown shade, and are very big and sparkly. Her usual outfit she’s seen in consists of a deep pink turtleneck sweater, a yellowy-green pleated skirt with yellow plaid details, and a pair of strapped closed-toed pumps in the same color pink as her sweater.

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