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Lexy Cross from Chucky

Lexy Cross (played by Alvia Alyn Lind) is a character in the Chucky TV series.  Lexy is friends with Devon and Jake, and the roommate of Nadine once she’s enrolled at Incarnate Lord.  Lexy wears a number of different outfits throughout the series.  She is pretty and popular, typically wearing trendy clothes when not in her school uniform.  At the start of the series, she can be seen wearing a cropped pink jacket, ruffled skirt, and white turtleneck with chunky sneakers.  When hosting a school talent show, she wears a colorful striped dress and blue heeled booties.  And she can also be seen looking truly horrifying in a snowman onesie with a bloody chainsaw.

Devon Evans from Chucky

Devon Evans (played by Björgvin Arnarson) is a character in the Chucky TV series.  Devon is Jake‘s boyfriend and one of the students targeted by the murderous Good Guy doll Jake found at a yard sale.  Like most of the characters on the show, Devon wears many different outfits.  His specific tie-dye shirt from the start of the series can be hard to track down, but a short sleeve version layered over a grey tie-dye long-sleeved shirt is a good substitute.  One of his best costumes includes a pair of white martial arts gloves as he and his friends try to track down Chucky.

jake wheeler from chucky tv

Jake Wheeler from Chucky

Jake Wheeler (played by Zackary Arthur) is a main character in the Chucky TV series.  Jake finds a Good Guy doll at a yard sale and plans to sell it online, which sparks the events of the series when the doll comes to life with murderous intent.  Jake eventually dates Devon and becomes friends with Lexy, despite a rocky start.  Jake wears many different outfits, but you can’t go wrong with dark jeans and a flannel shirt layered over a black t-shirt.  Jake wears a unique (and creepy) doll head pendant necklace, but a Friday the 13th pendant will achieve a similar effect with no DIY required.

nadine from chucky tv

Nadine from Chucky

Nadine (played by Bella Higginbotham) is a student at Incarnate Lord where she is roommates with Lexy Cross in the TV series Chucky.  Nadine joins forces with Lexy, Jake, and Devon to stop the Good Guy doll at the heart of the horror.  Nadine has short, curly auburn hair and wears round-framed glasses.  Most often, she is shown wearing her Catholic reform school uniform.  If you want to recreate her ethereal white look, it might be difficult to find an exact match for her dress.  You can achieve a similar look by layering a sheer robe over a white dress and using gold fabric paint to add some floral details to the robe.

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