Henry Creel

Henry Creel (Jamie Campbell Bower) is the main villain inĀ Stranger Things. He appears the first installment in the fourth season. In 1959, the Creel family moved to Hawkins, Indiana. As a child, Henry discovered he had remarkable psychokinetic and illusionary abilities. Corrupted by greed and nihilism, he used his powers to torment his family and eventually kill his mother and sister. He drove his father to madness by framing him for these crimes. This caught the attention of Dr. Brenner, who brought him to Hawkins Laboratory to be studied as subject number 001. Dr. Brenner planted a device in his neck to suppress his powers and made him as an orderly in the lab. There, Henry met Eleven, and tricked her to restore his powers. He brutally massacred the other test subjects, but Eleven overpowered him and sent him to the Upside Down, where he transformed into Vecna. In 1986, Vecna returned, now murdering Hawkins residents with his curse.

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