Vex’ahlia from Legend of Vox Machina

Vex’ahlia or “Vex” is a character from Critical Role, a DnD campaign on Youtube, played by Laura Bailey. He is also a character in Legend of Vox Machina, the animated adaptation on Amazon Prime. Vex is a half-elf ranger/rogue party member of Vox Machina. She is the twin sister of Vax’ildan, born and raised in Byroden, then taken to live in the elven city of Syngorn. But neither of them were happy there, so they left together to adventure. Joining Vox Machina, she wielded the legendary bow Fenthras to fight against the Chroma Conclave. She earned the blessing of Pelor and became its champion to face Vecna. Later on, Vex married Percy de Rolo, and the couple had five children. She went on to serve on the Tal’Dorei Council. Vex is often seen with her Trinket, her loyal brown bear companion.

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