vivid strike

Fuka Reventon from ViVid Strike!

Fuka Reventon (voiced by Inori Minase) is a magical martial artist in the ViVid Strike! anime series.  Fuka is apprenticed to Einhard Stratos.  Fuka’s normal appearance is relatively straightforward, but cosplaying her Adult Mode with Barrier Jacket will take a little more patience and creativity.  To recreate the top of her look, you can layer a black crop tank with a white leather vest painted with green leather paint to match the stripes.  For the bottom portion of the outfit, layer a pair of black shorts with a white leather skirt, split open in the front if possible and painted with the same green paint as the vest.  Then, you can add a ruffled petticoat with a train, though you will need to cut some material from the front to create the v-split.  Finally, add a black leather waist harness to pull the look together.

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