wes anderson

Arthur Howitzer, Jr. from The French Dispatch

Arthur Howitzer, Jr. (played by Bill Murray) is the brains behind Wes Anderson’s fictional newspaper in The French Dispatch. As the Editor-in-Chief, Arthur is responsible for hiring the brightest journalists and improving their stories with his sharp perspective. Arthur’s clothing is mostly yellow and brown, with a suit vest, but no jacket.

Herbsaint Sazerac from The French Dispatch

Herbsaint Sazerac (played by Owen Wilson) is a writer for the French Dispatch in Wes Anderson’s film of the same name. Sazerac is rarely seen without his trusty camera or beret, and can often be found with his red bicycle in tow as he investigates his stories.

m gustave from grand budapest hotel

M. Gustave from The Grand Budapest Hotel

M. Gustave (played by Ralph Fiennes) is the renowned concierge of Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel.  With a penchant for seducing wealthy older women such as Madame D, Gustave also takes a new bellboy named Zero under his wing to teach him everything he needs to know about the hotel and its guests.  Following Madam D’s death, Gustave is accused by Dmitri of murdering her.  Gustave wears a purple tailcoat with red piping and grey dress pants as part of his hotel uniform.

Jack Whitman from The Darjeeling Limited

Jack played by Jason Schwartzman is the youngest Whitman brother. He is the hopeless romantic of the bunch. He writes fiction based on his true-life experiences but denies it even though it is made clear as day. He truly plays up to being the emotional baby brother of Peter and Francis. He is so heartbroken over his ex he continues to wear the hotel robe from where he saw her last. Jack rarely even puts shoes on for most of the film but once or twice is caught in men’s sandals. He finds a love interest wherever he goes and uses this as a distraction from his brothers on their trip.

albert henckels from grand budapest hotel

Albert Henckels from The Grand Budapest Hotel

Albert Henckels (played by Edward Norton) is an inspector tasked with investigating the death of Madame D. in Wes Anderson’s film The Grand Budapest Hotel.  Henckels wears his military uniform throughout the film.  He also has a long grey fur coat to stave off the bitter cold.

dmitri from grand budapest hotel

Dmitri from The Grand Budapest Hotel

In Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, Adrien Brody plays Dmitri, the son of the wealthy Madame D.  Following her death, he accuses M. Gustave of her murder, setting into motion much of the action of the film.  Dmitri wears all black and is a member of the fascist “ZZ,” as indicated by an armband he can be seen wearing.

deputy kovacs from grand budapest hotel

Deputy Kovacs from The Grand Budapest Hotel

In The Grand Budapest Hotel, Deputy Kovacs (played by Jeff Goldblum) is a lawyer who represents the interests of the hotel and Madame D.  He is responsible for reading the will that bestows the Boy with Apple painting to M. Gustave.  Deputy Kovacs wears a pinstripe suit and round rimmed glasses.

Peter Whitman from The Darjeeling Limited

Peter Whitman, played by Adrien Brody, is the middle child of the three brothers in Darjeeling Limited. Peter likes to hoard their deceased father’s belongings claiming to be their father’s favorite son as opposed to Jack and Francis. He doesn’t want his brothers meddling in his life and isolates from both of them for over a year since their father’s funeral. He even hides that his wife is pregnant from them. Jack wears a light gray suit and brown accessories. The vintage sunglasses were his father’s.

agatha from grand budapest hotel

Agatha from The Grand Budapest Hotel

In The Grand Budapest Hotel, Agatha (played by Saoirse Ronan) is a talented apprentice baker with a distinctive birthmark on her right cheek.  Agatha works at Mendl’s and is Zero’s girlfriend.  She and Zero help Gustave escape from prison by hiding tools in the baked goods that she makes for him.  Agatha wears a khaki colored dress with light blue apron while she creates her delicate confections.

Tracy Walker from Isle of Dogs

Tracy Walker from Isle of Dogs

In Isle of Dogs, Tracy Walker (voiced by Greta Gerwig) is a foreign exchange student from Cincinnati, Ohio who leads Megasaki City’s student “pro dog” movement, along with 12 year old Atari Kobayashi, that rallies to allow dogs back into the Japanese prefecture.