Cyclops from X-Men ’97

Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, is a main character in X-Man ’97 on Disney+. When Professor X is presumed dead, he takes over as the de facto leader of the X-men. His mutant ability is that he can shoot optic energy blasts, hence his visor and sunglasses. He is the father of Nathan Summers, who goes on to become Cable. He is married to Jean Grey, though he had Nathan with her clone, Madelyne Pryor. Use the leather strap to create the shoulder and chest straps and affix it to the belt. Use velcro to affix the chest and belt buckles.

X-23 from the X-Men Comics

X-23 is a genetic clone of the famous Canadian X-Man Wolverine, successfully created in a lab by scientist Dr. Sarah Kinney after twenty-two failed attempts. Her first-ever appearance in X-Men lore was the X-Men: Evolution TV series, but was welcomed into the comic book universe with the NYX comics, which explained her origin story in a grittier fashion than the children’s cartoon before it. X-23 then entered the Marvel-Fox cinematic universe in the form of a young Mexican child in James Mangold’s Logan, but her teenage/young adult persona from the comics can be just as fun to cosplay.

Mystique from X-Men

Mystique from X-Men

Misunderstood and bullied since childhood, blue-skinned shapeshifter Mystique (played onscreen by Jennifer Lawrence and Rebecca Romijn) truly understands anti-mutant oppression. Her early experiences of mistreatment shaped her stance in the fight for mutant equality — or even dominance, as her leader, Magneto, gravitates towards.

Mystique is easily remembered for her onscreen appearances wearing only the strategically-placed blue scales she was born with (requiring Rebecca Romijn to spend hours in the makeup room), but comic book portrayals have been slightly more favorable to cosplayers attending family-friendly venues. You could buy the blue jumpsuit and stop there, but I’ve included some additional garments which draw inspiration from my personal favorite Mystique look from the retro¬†X-Men arcade game.

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