Madison from Zombieland 2

Zombieland Double Tap introduces us to several new characters including ditzy Madison (played by Zoey Deutch). Madison is perpetually upbeat and a bit of an airhead who is trapped in the fashion of the early 2000s. Madison can always be found wearing lots of pink, often accentuated by faux fur and colorful Louis Vuitton bags.

Columbus from Zombieland 2

In Zombieland Double Tap, Columbus (played by Jesse Eisenberg) continues to live by a long list of rules that inform his survival, but he has created a relatively normal family life in the wake of the zombie apocalypse. Columbus is still neurotic and he sinks into a depression after his girlfriend Wichita turns down his proposal, but he remains a more than capable zombie slayer. Columbus’ outfit is comfortable and makes running from and fighting zombies as easy as it can be.

berkeley from zombieland 2

Berkeley from Zombieland 2

In Zombieland Double Tap, Berkeley (played by Avan Jogian) is a pacifist living in a post-apocalyptic world. When he crosses paths with sisters Wichita and Little Rock, Little Rock is immediately smitten by his handsome looks and unique perspective and they hit the road together. Berkeley wears breezy linen clothing, plenty of wooden beads, and is never seen without his trusty guitar so he can play his “original” tunes.

wichita from zombieland 2

Wichita from Zombieland 2

In Zombieland Double Tap, Wichita (played by Emma Stone) remains enigmatic and protective of her younger sister. When Columbus makes a serious relationship move, she pulls her signature disappearing act, only to return to ask for help when her sister runs away with a boy from Berkeley. Wichita’s outfit is functional with sturdy boots, a basic t-shirt, and leather jacket.

little rock from zombieland 2

Little Rock from Zombieland 2

In Zombieland Double Tap, Little Rock (played by Abigail Breslin) has grown a lot since the first film. Little Rock feels stifled by her post-apocalyptic “family” and seeks new adventures with a boy named Berkeley and young people her own age. Little Rock’s clothes are edgy, but still practical with tall combat boots and lots of layers.


In Zombieland, Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) is a survivor of the “mad person disease” epidemic who is especially violent in killing zombies. His real name is unknown, as survivors refer to each other only by their hometowns in this apocalyptic world.

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