TF2 Scout

TF2 Scout

In Team Fortress 2, the Scout is your typical messenger: quick, snarky, and a lot tougher than he appears. He likes to inflict damage with his baseball bat and escape before the opponent knows what hit him.

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  1. that’s me 4 halloween

  2. how about soda instead of the bat :)yum

  3. I bought this bag instead since it is more cylindrical than what is listed above. There is a mesh section in the middle but I stuffed a few black shirts in the bag to give it weight and hide the mesh.

  4. Ben Porter November 5, 2013 Reply

    Cheers, Im from New Zealand and im totally going to wear this at armegeddon ( New Zealands version of comic con) Team Fortress two is a great game

    • This is why im looking at it, i have never done cosplay so i thought this would be an easier one, and its for armeggeddon expo aswell

  5. Thank you for posting this! This is incredibly helpful for a first time cosplayer.

  6. How do you get the earmuff to work since you are only suppose to have the left one? I have thought of sewing onto the hat but is there any easier way?

    • DA SCOUT IS A SPAH!! November 1, 2018 Reply

      Hi! so just cut off the left earmuff and stick the speaker part of the headset in the earmuff, drill a hole in the bottom of the earmuff and fit the wire trough, Requires some soldering work but nothing much…

  7. This is perfect for me for halloween.

  8. i want it ssoooo bad

  9. This is good, except I found that the Adidas Sambas are closer to the scout’s shoes than the Adidas Gazelle.

    • Author

      Good point, Sambas are a better match since they don’t have the white soles. We’ve switched it.

      • Also, the Dickies pants would probably be better in the “charcoal 34 for the red version of scout, because the pants are more gray than green.

  10. Make a one for the medic

  11. I would say that you can add the bonk! Atomic punch 12oz tumbler from the valve store.

  12. Tim Flanagan March 13, 2015 Reply

    Thanks! I found this helpful. Made some modifications, the most beneficial of which was to substitute actual boxing hand wraps for the tape. These cotton wraps are washable and reusable, and have a thumb loop to help start the wrapping. Plus experimenting with different wrapping techniques (thanks to online videos intended for boxers) is fun.

    The ones I ended up with were the Arellano 108″ Boxing Hand Wraps in white. Benefits of this particular item:
    White is white, not “natural” or “buff”, so it’s true to the TF2 Scout.
    The shorter 108″ length is plenty for costume purposes. You don’t want 140″ or 180″.
    The tag can be removed with careful use of a seam-ripper, without compromising the stitching on the nearby velcro.
    Price was right!

  13. im going to be scout for the next hallowen spelt it rong i do not care

  14. Um… Do I brake of the microphone from the head set and put it on the ear muffs? And then do I brake off one of the ear muffs so it’s one sided??? Please Explain

  15. I’m noticing that Scout’s shirt is paler than the one in the example. Hanes shirts fit the Scout more closely, since they’re paler than Fruit of the Loom shirts. Other than that, fantastic job!

  16. What is the black electrical tape used for?

  17. Kenny Michaels April 26, 2016 Reply

    Has anyone figured out how to go about crafting the headset?

  18. Zacharry Hamm July 8, 2016 Reply

    Definitely going to be using this! Though, I’d change the pants, as Scout’s don’t go all the way to his ankles, but rather a more mid-shin length.

  19. Zacharry Hamm July 9, 2016 Reply

    Seeing as how the bag isn’t actually black, I found one that’s essentially the same, but actually black —->

  20. For the headset: We found these ear muffs at Harbor Freight for just $3! (And later saw a similar pair at Dollar Tree for a buck!) Easy to modify. Just twist the ear attachment of one of the ear pieces to vertical and it easily pulls through the slot to remove. We wired a mic arm from another dead headset we had around the house to it and covered the wire with black tape.

    For the white hand wraps, we cut up an old white crew/sport sock. (Cut sock off at mid-foot, cut a small hole in heel for your thumb. Ribbing end goes on the wrist.) Way more comfortable than having your hand wrapped in tape all day/night!

  21. Please can you make the rest? Thank you for your time.

  22. sadly some stuff does not work any more :(

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