Verônica from Aruanas

Verônica Muniz (played by Taís Araújo) is a talented lawyer. She goes above and beyond when she gets involved in a cause to protect Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest. Verônica finds herself in dangerous situations, but is always reminding people that their spirits cannot be broken. Verônica holds tight to her resolve to face a complicated case in Aruanas.

Natalie from Aruanas

Natalie Lima Melo (played by Débora Falabella) is a journalist covering the malpractices happening in Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest. She takes journalism very seriously, and doesn’t mind talking about taboo topics that need a platform. Natalie has a deep heart, and is pouring her all into the cause she supports in Aruanas.

Clara from Aruanas

Clara Ferreira (played by Thainá Duarte) is a new intern ready to prove her worth in her new organization. She is from a small village, and joined a cause to protect and preserve Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest. Clara had dark moments in her past, and has her own agenda to help those who have struggled as she has. Clara is learning the ropes of activism in Aruanas.

Luiza from Aruanas

Luiza from Aruanas

Luiza Laes (played by Leandra Leal) is an activist fighting to preserve Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest, and the people who call the Amazon “home”. She believes purpose must be greater than fear, and stands her ground. Being so head strong with a sharp tongue lands Luiza in many uncomfortable situations. Luiza passionately takes on all that is threatening the Amazon Rainforest in Aruanas.

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