Mr. Saito from Inception

Mr Saito (played by Ken Watanabe) is the head of Proclus Global in the film Inception.  A rich and powerful man, Saito is originally targeted by Cobb and Arthur.  However, once Saito realizes he is in a dream, he seeks to recruit them for a job of his own.  In the opening dream sequence, Saito wears a tuxedo that combines traditional Japanese garments with more Western silhouettes.  A similar look can be achieved by using the top portion of a nagajuban or a hanjuban undergarment.  Either way, it is best to choose one with pleats or grey details to best exemplify Saito’s costuming.

Eames from Inception

Eames (played by Tom Hardy) is a member of Cobb‘s team in the film Inception.  As the forger, Eames can project the likeness of any other person and mimic their mannerisms well enough to fool loved ones in the dream realm.  In the real world, Eames is suave and teases Arthur often, though he otherwise keeps mostly to himself.  Eames wears boldly patterned shirts with relaxed fit suit separates, and he uses a red poker chip as his totem.

robert michael fischer from inception

Robert Michael Fischer from Inception

Robert Michael Fischer (played by Cillian Murphy) is a wealthy businessman and son of Maurice Fischer, making him the heir to the latter’s multi-billion dollar business empire.  Fischer is targeted by Cobb, Arthur, Eames, and Ariadne after being hired by Saito.  Fischer is rich and wears smartly tailored suits to match.

arthur from inception

Arthur from Inception

In the film Inception, Arthur (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is the trusted partner of Cobb who researches and plans each heist.  Arthur is an adept fighter, which is shown during one of the film’s most iconic scenes in a rotating hotel hallway unbound to the laws of gravity.  Arthur also has a friendly rivalry with Eames, who teases him constantly, and he uses a red loaded die as his totem.  While Arthur’s clothing changes depending on the needs of his team and the job, he favors crisp three-piece suits throughout much of the film and wears his hair slicked back.


Existing only as a figment of her husband’s memory in the film Inception, Mal (Marion Cotillard) is nevertheless an extremely powerful and often damaging presence. She and her husband, Dominic Cobb, excelled in the manipulation of people’s minds. Unfortunately, they pushed the limits of their abilities too far and Mal lost the ability to differentiate between reality and dreams. This guide is for her pivotal windowsill gown, a deep purple dress with heels.


An architecture student in France, Ariadne (Ellen Page) is recruited by Dominic Cobb as part of a team assigned to complete an inception, or the planting of an idea in someone’s mind. She possesses brilliant architectural design abilities, creating the subconscious maps through which the team navigates in the movie Inception. Ariadne is also the only one who calls out Dominic on his erratic mental state that could endanger the entire team. She dresses like a normal college student, but with an extra fashionable French flair.

Dominic Cobb

Dominic Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) from the movie Inception is a skilled Extractor – someone who slips into peoples’ dreams, steals their secrets and sells them to competitors. He used to extract legally, but now he is a fugitive wanted for his wife Mal’s murder. Despite his fugitive status, a company hires him to perform an inception, or the placement of an idea into a person’s mind. He agrees, but he and his team must battle both inner and outer demons to succeed. He dresses well in trousers, button-downs and leather jackets, his trusty spinning top always in his pocket.

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