Scout Master Randy Ward from Moonrise Kingdom

Scout Master Randy Ward is from the film Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson, and is played by Edward Norton. This character is a Khaki Scout troop leader in the film that Sam Shakusky is a part of.

Scout Master Ward wears a full khaki getup like the rest of the group with scout patches, a ranger hat, long socks, and a yellow bandana. If you’re someone who enjoys sewing, add yellow piping to the costume as a detail to bring this uniform all together.

Wes Anderson on the Set of Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson is the director of the 2012 film Moonrise Kingdom. Moonrise Kingdom is about 12 year olds Sam and Suzy on the island of New Penzance. We follow them as they decide to run away together and the adults of the film try to find them. This quirky film has very distinct costumes, just like all of his films. They’re very unique, detailed, and almost doll-like. On this film set, Wes wore his iconic brown corduroy two-piece suit. He pairs this with a colorful plaid shirt, sweater, and green plaid scarf. He dresses like he fits right into the environments that he so meticulously creates.

mrs bishop from moonrise kingdom

Mrs. Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom

In Wes Anderson’s film Moonrise Kingdom, Mrs. Bishop (played by Frances McDormand) is the mother of Suzy Bishop.  When Suzy and Sam Shakusky disappear together, Mrs. Bishop and her husband search for her.  Mrs. Bishop wears several colorful outfits that are all true to the story’s 1965 setting, making this a fun costume to recreate with both new pieces and vintage finds.

Moonrise Kingdom Narrator

Bob Balaban plays the unnamed narrator in Moonrise Kingdom. This man, who is bundled up for the cold outdoors, is your guide to the history, geography, and experience of New Penzance.

Sam Shakusky

Sam Shakusky is a young orphan who has trouble making friends in the Khaki Scouts. He orchestrates a runaway with young love Suzy Bishop, using his scout skills to lead them to Moonrise Kingdom.

Suzy Bishop

In Moonrise Kingdom, Suzy Bishop is a 12-year old girl who likes to look at everything through binoculars – it helps her “see things closer, even if they’re not far away.” While on the run together, Sam Shakusky gives her a pair of earrings made out of scarab beetles and fish hooks.

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