Kitty Riley

An investigative journalist looking for her first big break on the BBC drama Sherlock, Kitty Riley (Katherine Parkinson) tries to interview Sherlock Holmes in a bathroom with fantastically terrible results. Her adorable red pigtails, mock Sherlock hat and perky personality did little to melt the frigid detective. Undeterred, she reaches out to his nemesis James Moriarty, who uses her in a spectacular set-up for Sherlock that almost ruins him. To play the part of an adoring fan in hopes to win over Sherlock, Kitty dresses in his signature hat with an eclectic suit.

Mary Morstan

A sweet, bright, witty woman, Mary Morstan (Amanda Abbington) falls hard for John Watson on the BBC show Sherlock, eventually marrying and having a child with him. She also has an unusually easy relationship with Sherlock Holmes, enjoying his notoriously scathing behavior. In later seasons she is revealed to have a dark, dangerous past that comes to threaten her relationships with John and Sherlock. As a modern British woman, she dresses in loose-fitting, trendy clothing in bright colors.

James Moriarty

The infamous nemesis of Sherlock Holmes on the hit BBC show Sherlock, James Moriarty (Andrew Scott) matches Sherlock Holmes in wits, intelligence and cunning. Unlike Sherlock, Moriarty uses his talents for criminal purposes, establishing a wide underworld network. He enjoys setting elaborate traps that can take years to complete, toying with people and generally being cruel and ruthless. He dresses with the same care and attention to detail as he does when planning a heist or manipulating Sherlock.

Mrs. Hudson (BBC)

The kind elderly lady who rents the upstairs apartment to Sherlock Holmes on the BBC drama Sherlock, Mrs. Hudson (Una Stubbs) hides a stiff upper lip behind cups of tea and an aversion to Sherlock’s ‘experiments’. Quick to point out she isn’t Sherlock’s housekeeper, she leaves well enough alone when it comes to the strange goings-on in 221B Baker Street, but is always there with a bowl of soup when they need it. She dresses in elegant, conservative clothing.

Molly Hooper

Miss Molly Hooper (Louise Brealey), a specialist registrar who works in the morgue of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, is a close friend of one Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) in the BBC series Sherlock. Under her work-appropriate lab coat, Molly is often seen wearing clothing that could perhaps by described as a little frumpy and comfortable. She is a generally unassuming woman, only flaring up at Sherlock when the situation calls for it.

John Watson

Sherlock Holmes’s flatmate and blogger seems harmless enough when you first meet him, but don’t let the frumpy exterior and questionable taste in sweaters fool you. Underneath the plaid and knits is a sharp-eyed ex-soldier and adrenaline junkie who loves the chase almost as much as his partner-in-crime-solving does.

Mycroft Holmes

Mycroft, Sherlock’s older and possibly smarter brother, prefers observation to action. He humbly insists he occupies but a minor role in Her Majesty’s government (if by ‘minor,’ you mean ‘occasionally IS Her Majesty’s government’), however, he gets tetchy when asked how his diet’s going (it’s going fine, thank you).

Sherlock Holmes (BBC)

BBC’s Sherlock transports the eponymous detective from his Victorian-era home to the 21st century. While that may mean he’s solving crime with the assistance of modern technology and sending messages via text instead of telegram, his vast intelligence, deductive reasoning and gentleman’s dress sense all remain intact.

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