Kazuya Mishima from Tekken

Kazuya Mishima is one of the original playable characters from the Tekken series of video games.  The only game in which he does not appear is Tekken 3 where the likes of King take center stage and Kazuya makes only two brief cameos.  Kazuya was raised as an aristocrat in Japan before the death of his mother.  After his father threw him off a cliff, Kazuya awakened his Devil Gene, which provided him greater physical strength.  He trained throughout his childhood and eventually participated in the King of Iron Fist Tournament.  Kazuya’s general appearance has remained mostly unchanged throughout the series.  He wears white martial arts pants, and red martial arts gloves and shoes.  If you want the silver studs to be part of your costume, you can cut the fingertips off a pair of motorcycle gloves instead of using a fingerless sparring set.  In later iterations, his pants become a bit flashier with flame detailing, which you can add by using iron-on patches.  Likewise, he trades his standard black belt for a red belt with gold details later in the series.  Kazuya also sports a nasty scar across his chest, which you can use scar wax to replicate.

King from Tekken 3

In the Tekken series, King I is a luchador who wears a jaguar mask when fighting. He also sometimes wears typical wrestling gear like black trunks with blue tights and black elbow pads, or a more formal outfit with trousers, suspenders, and neck tie. But for our money, King’s outfit in Tekken 3 is tops with his casual leopard-print track pants, t-shirt, and cross trainers.

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