Michael from The Good Place

In The Good Place, Michael is a “Good Place” architect. His duty is to design towns suited for the good people in the afterlife. However, the big season one twist reveals his ulterior motives. Michael is actually a demon (a fire squid, specifically) who designed the town to torture the four humans. He underestimates their intelligence as they continue to solve his experiment. Giving up on torture, he joins them to create a better system for the afterlife, and softens as a character. In the series finale (spoiler!), Michael becomes human and is given a life on Earth. He is portrayed by Ted Danson, who also starred in Cheers.

Bad Janet from The Good Place

Whereas Good Janets serve the Good Place, Bad Janets serve the Bad Place. Despite being the same omniscient mainframe, they assist to promote torture as oppose to happiness. When not hanging out with demons, they enjoy farting and insulting others. When Sean’s own Bad Janet reads Michael’s manifesto, she recruits all the other Janets to save the universe. Every iteration of Janet is played by D’Arcy Carden. Bad Janets are known for typing away on their phone 24/7, so if you have to text someone, you can say it’s part of the character!

Disco Janet The Good Place

Disco Janet from The Good Place

“What it is, what it is!” Disco Janet is another iteration of Janet from The Good Place. Although no one knows their purpose or where they come from. Their void consists of a dance party with a nonstop record of 70s hits. When marbleized, they are trapped in a disco ball. Disco Janet gives Chidi a pair of roller skates, to which they say “solid.” We have only seen one Disco Janet in the series, which might imply there’s a Disco Place. Every iteration of Janet is played by D’Arcy Carden.

Janet the Good Place

Janet from The Good Place

Janet is the source of all information and knowledge in The Good Place. They also serve as an assistant, summoned by the phrase, ‘Hey Janet.’ Besides omniscience, their abilities include teleportation, retrieval, and reality warping. It is important to note Janet is not a robot, but rather an anthropomorphized vessel of knowledge. Therefore Janet is genderless, making for awesome non binary representation. Good Janets are cheerful and have a sunny disposition. Every iteration of Janet is played by D’Arcy Carden.

Tahani Al-Jamil The Good Place

Tahani Al-Jamil from The Good Place

Tahani Al-Jamil is another supporting protagonist in The Good Place. At first, she comes off as a self absorbed socialite. However, she uses it as a way to cover up her jealousy towards her more successful sister. As the series progresses, she becomes more intuitive, committed to helping the others achieve justice in the afterlife. Tahani is best known for name dropping celebrities and recalling her crazy encounters with them. She is portrayed by British actress Jameela Jamil, who is also known for her activism, especially against diet culture.
Tahani mainly opts for floral print dresses, often strapless or sleeveless. We included two different styles to choose from. Add a pair of strappy heels to this costume and you’re set!

Jason Mendoza The Good Place

Jason Mendoza from The Good Place

Lovable yet painfully unintelligent, Jason Mendoza (Manny Jacinto) is one of the supporting characters in The Good Place. Like Eleanor, he was inducted by mistake. He must pose as a silent Tibetian monk, but in reality, he’s a “pre-successful” DJ from Florida. When faced with a problem, his solution is to toss a Molotov cocktail at it. Another option for an outfit is a Jacksonville Jaguars football jersey. Bonus points if you rep Blake Bortles, aka Jason’s favorite player.

Chidi Anagonye The Good Place

Chidi Anagonye from The Good Place

Chidi Anagonye (William Jackson Harper) is another protagonist of The Good Place. While alive, he studied and taught philosophy at universities. In spite of his academic pursuits, he struggled with making decisions, which led to his untimely death. In the Good Place, he gets paired with Eleanor as his “soulmate.” When she tells the truth about how she doesn’t belong there, he decides to teach her ethics. Be sure to carry a book by Aristotle or Kant under your arm, but don’t get too into character, or else you might get a stomach ache.

Eleanor Shellstrop The Good Place

Eleanor Shellstrop from The Good Place

Eleanor Shellstrop is the protagonist of The Good Place. In the afterlife, she goes to paradise, or “The Good Place.” Problem is, she had been a horrible person on Earth, and they have her confused with someone else. She is played by Kristen Bell. Grab a shrimp serving dish for your cocktail shrimp (bonus points if there’s a self serve machine, like in Eleanor’s dreams). This costume will have everyone saying “Holy motherforking shirtballs!”

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