Teresa Lisbon from The Mentalist

Teresa Lisbon (played by Robbin Tunney) is a long-suffering, hard-boiled detective working for the California Bureau of Investigation, leading a team that includes the incorrigible mentalist, Patrick Jane. Lisbon’s hard-as-nails, by-the-book personality is tested over and over again by Jane as they learn to work with each other over several seasons of The Mentalist. Her business-casual style usually encompasses boot-cut trousers, a basic tucked-in top, and a black jacket — either an office-friendly blazer or leather jacket. She’s rarely seen without her crucifix necklace, symbolic of the religious upbringing she counts among her many strongly-held convictions.

Grace Van Pelt from The Mentalist

At first glance, Grace Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti) is quiet and demure, but she proves herself to be an a proficient computer hacking expert for Teresa Lisbon‘s team at the California Bureau of Investigation. Consistent with her conservative upbringing, Van Pelt is a modest dresser with preppy influences. When the actress, Amanda Righetti, became pregnant during The Mentalist’s fifth season, Van Pelt’s onscreen wardrobe began including loose-fitting blazers to hide her figure (though the new mother’s natural beauty could never be fully unconcealed), and she was always filmed while seated behind large computer monitors.

Patrick Jane from The Mentalist Season 6

Patrick Jane (Season Six) from The Mentalist

With the defeat of serial killer Red John behind him at the midpoint of Season 6, Patrick Jane (played by Australian actor Simon Baker) escapes the law to Mexico, where he spends the next two years living the idyllic life of a hermit. His old mind-bending ways are a thing of the past, or so he thinks, as he traipses across scenic beaches in a red sarong, worn Oxfords (with no socks), and custom-made designer shirt (with a noticeable lack of epaulets, his tailor is quick to point out). That is, until the FBI summons him back to the United States to solve a series of cases in return for his freedom. Jane may have returned to active Mentalist duties, but his dress reflects his all the more laissez-faire attitude towards his job of closing cases.

...No, it's Patrick (Jane from the Mentalist)!

Patrick Jane from The Mentalist

In his old life, Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) made a name for himself as a psychic. After messing with the wrong serial killer, Jane reinvents himself as a mentalist (master manipulator of thoughts and behavior) and consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation, much to the chagrin of Agent Teresa Lisbon.  His true motive is exacting revenge on the murderer of his wife and daughter. Jane’s blunt mannerisms, penchant for herbal teas, and three-piece suits make him an iconic character, to say the least.

Kim Fischer from The Mentalist

Kim Fischer, played by Emily Swallow, is an FBI Senior Special Agent. She is the daughter of lawyers, which is a huge part of where her ambitious nature comes from. Her colleagues view her passion and pride in getting the job done as reckless at times, but her extreme drive is what interested Supervisory Agent Dennis Abbott. He recruits Kim for an important mission. Kim is gaining more respect and more responsibility in The Mentalist.

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