Rose Dawson from Titanic

Rose DeWitt Bukater (played by Kate Winslet) is the aristocratic woman who falls in love with Jack Dawson and eventually takes his name in James Cameron’s film Titanic.  Rose comes from a wealthy family who falls on hard times after her father’s death, and is pressured to marry a wealthy man by her mother so they can maintain their lavish lifestyle.  Rose wears many incredible costumes throughout the film.  When she first boards the ill-fated titular ship, she dons a stylish pinstriped outfit with rich purple accents.  A replica dress is your best way to pull off this signature look.  You can add your own details to the base to achieve the full ensemble.  This includes a dark purple hat with a striped taffeta ribbon, which you can replicate yourself by adding a bow to a wool hat.  You’ll also need a white collared shirt, dark necktie, and gold pin.  Rose’s accessories include white leather gloves, purple drop earrings, and a purple parasol she uses as a cane.  A golf umbrella can do the trick for the latter, or you can forgo the accessory entirely.

Jack Dawson from Titanic

Jack Dawson (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) is the tragic hero of James Cameron’s Titanic. While audiences went into the film knowing the ship would sink at the end, they had no way of knowing how much Jack and Rose’s romance would mean to them. Or how hard it would be to get through the end of the film.

Jack is a great cosplay option. His early century style lends means that most of the pieces can be used in other looks while still being classic Jack. Start with a pair of classic trousers designed for use with suspenders. Add in tan suspenders, a white undershirt, a brown shirt, and brown boots to corner Jack’s original look. You can also opt for a linen shirt with a low collar for a more relaxed look. Just don’t forget the hair pomade to style your hair in something close to Jack’s flyaway look. And what Jack would be complete without his sketchbook and pencils?

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