Cal Jacobs from Euphoria

Cal Jacobs from Euphoria

Cal Jacobs (played by Eric Dane) is a major antagonist in Euphoria. He is the strict father of Nate Jacobs and is well known in town for his real estate empire. Cal is a married man who is struggling with his sexuality and is constantly using hook up apps to find and sleep with you gay men and trans-women. He sometimes videotapes them without their consent and keeps these videos hidden in his home office. Cal has a lot to lose if people find out not only that he's been cheating on his wife, but often assaulting the young men and women he meets off these sites. Cal is extremely weary once he finds out Jules goes to high school with his son Nate. He sees her at the fair and begs her to not tell anyone. Cal is a very intimidating character and has some extreme red flags personality-wise. So far there is no good side to Cal besides some re-emerging guilt for having a second life apart from his marriage and job. The costume is extremely simple men's dress attire. Be sure to get your outfit on before coloring your hair with the silver hair wax. This outfit will work well as part of a group Euphoria costume for Halloween or cosplay.

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