Franz Hopper from Code Lyoko

Franz Hopper from Code Lyoko

In Code Lyoko, he might go by Frank Hopper but this ingenious scientist's real name is Waldo Franz Schaeffer. He has had three voice actors and one live-action actor across different seasons and incarnations of the show. In this write-up we're taking a look at his most common cartoon appearance since it makes for an easy and comfortable costume. Best of all, all of the pieces can be used either for day to day wear or for many, many other cosplays and costumes!

All you need to copy Hopper's outfit is a brown turtleneck, black slacks, brown shoes, and a lab coat. Add in a shaggy grey wig and some costume glasses and you're good to go! A quick note on the glasses: If you don't like the frames listed above or they don't fit properly, you can snag a pair of reading glasses from a store and remove the lenses. They will probably run you between $10 and $20 and are a versatile piece to keep in your costume or cosplay collection.

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