Jet Black

Jet Black

A former member of the Inter Solar System Police (ISSP), Jet Black is the captain of the converted interstellar fishing trawler Bebop on the anime TV series Cowboy Bebop. He commands a crew of bounty hunters, acting as pilot, father-figure, the muscle and motivator. He is a big, burly man with a warm heart and a protective nature, especially towards his ramshackle crew. As a gifted mechanic he wears coveralls with ripped sleeves and sports a bionic arm and distinctive facial hair. For the boots, cut off the bottom of some high grey socks and slip them over grey boots. For the beard, cut up the mustache portion and use it to make the sharp cheek edges.

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A bit eccentric, a lot nerdy. Grew up on Star Trek, Stargate and the X-Files, and still love them all. A regular cosplayer and writer with a day-job drawing fashion illustrations.

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