Lady Inari from Kemono Jihen

Lady Inari from Kemono Jihen

Lady Inari (voiced in Japanese by Kana Hanazawa and in English by Kristen McGuire) is the leader of the main group of antagonists in the anime/manga Kemono Jihen.

She is a Kitsune shifter that rules over the majority of Shinjuku by hypnotically leading the Shinjuku police team, and can be violent and ruthless at the drop of a hat, not hesitating to go full fox mode and tear into someone. Kon used to be her subordinate before defecting, and Nobimaru follows her but absolutely cannot stand her.

Lady Inari has purple eyes and reddish burgundy hair. The outfit she wears is business-like, a purple two toned shirt topped with a blue neckpiece, a white pencil skirt, and white stiletto heels. She wears a (possibly) faux fur coat meant to mimic the appearance of nine fox tails, and she finishes off the look with dangling earrings, red lipstick, and matching nail polish.

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