Jack from Late Night with the Devil

Jack is the main character from the horror film Late Night with the Devil, and is played by David Dastmalchian. This film is based in the 1970s and follows Jack, the host of a live late night television show. On Halloween night in an attempt to boost ratings, Jack brings on a guest named Lily, a girl who is allegedly possessed.

To dress like Jack, wear a khaki suit, a white or cream shirt, and a khaki striped tie. Pair with brown dress shoes and brown argyle patterned socks.

Julie from Lady Bird

Julie is a character from the A24 film Lady Bird, directed by Greta Gerwig and is played by Beanie Feldstein. Lady Bird follows a strong-willed high school senior that goes by Lady Bird, as she navigates troubles with her family, the transition through graduation, and what she wants in life. Her best friend in the film is Julie who is loyal to Lady Bird despite their arguments.

Julie has two notable looks in the film that can be recreated and even worn as a fun duo costume with your best friend. The first is her school uniform just like Lady Bird’s, which is a navy sweater vest, a short sleeve light blue polo shirt, a gray pleated skirt, and Julie pins small colorful clips in her hair. Another is from their prom night, where she wears a formal light purple dress.

Marian from Drive-Away Dolls

Marian is one of the main characters from the new comedy film, Drive-Away Dolls, and is played by Margaret Qualley. Drive-Away Dolls follows two friends Jamie and Marian as they take an unexpected road trip to Florida in search of a new start, but as they do so, they run into a group of criminals.

To dress like Marian, wear a blue blazer and shirt with a bow at the neckline, or a blue denim button-down shirt over a white tee and blue jeans.  You can also match with a friend dressed as Jamie.

David Shield from My Hero Academia

David (voiced in Japanese by Katsuhisa Namase and in English by Ray Chase) is a secondary main character in the first My Hero Academia movie, Two Heroes.

He used to be All Might’s sidekick when they were younger as well as his costume designer, and since went on to being a professional support items scientist. His daughter Melissa is following in his footsteps and studying to be a support specialist for heroes as well.

David has short, semi-messy light brown hair and a matching goatee (I had some difficulties with the wig, hopefully this will be a good enough one to style like his hair), and his eyes are a tealish-aqua color, which he wears dark blue glasses over. His main outfit is a dark navy button-up shirt, light greyish-blue pants with a dark brown belt holding them up. His shoes are a pair of sneakers in red, white, and blueish-grey, and he also wears both a black wristwatch and a wedding ring on the same arm.

captain mack from captain mack

Captain Mack

Captain Mack (portaryed by Bennett Thorpe) is a children’s television persona from British television.  Captain Mack and his monkey engineer Samson watch over Sunshine City from Sky Rocket Control.  Captain Mack wears a red jumpsuit with silver accessories including a helmet, belt, gloves, and boots.  Use silver tape to recreate the shoulder details on your own costume.

Cheshire from Alice’s Warped Wonderland/Alice in Distortionworld

Cheshire is a main character in the video game Alice’s Warped Wonderland/Alice in Distortionworld.

He, like most other characters bearing the same name, is both a guide to Alice and an annoyance. They spend most of the game together, getting into various harrowing situations both involving him and caused by him.

We never see him with his hood down, so his outfit consists of an extremely long floor length grey robe with very long sleeves, and a long thin red ribbon attached to a golden bell. The little we can see of his face with a large smattering of freckles, and an extremely wide smile with dirty, sharp teeth.

Barb Howard from Fallout

A new TV series has been going viral online for its spot-on live action adaptation of the video game franchise Fallout that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. This series depicts the aftermath of The Great War of 2077, where survivors take refuge in fallout shelters or Vaults, which are actually all created as different experiments on the people who live in them. It follows a woman named Lucy who leaves Vault 33 to find her father in the dangerous wasteland of what is left of Los Angeles. She runs into a Ghoul bounty hunter, originally named Cooper Howard. In the series we also get to meet Cooper’s wife named Barb Howard, and learn more about their story as the series progresses.

To dress like Barb Howard, wear a 50s style peach or pink dress, a short deep brown curly wig, retro heels, and pearl jewelry.

You can also match as a couple or family following my guide for her husband Cooper Howard and daughter Janey Howard.

Tiff Crust from My Life as a Teenage Robot

Tiff Crust from My Life as a Teenage Robot

In My Life as a Teenage Robot, Tiffany “Tiff” Crust (voiced by Cree Summer) is the grungier half of the Crust Cousins. Alongside Brit Crust, she’s a highly fashionable and popular girl who bullies the students at Tremorton High School. Brit often clashes brashly with Jenny Wakeman and her friends.

will trent

Will Trent

Will Trent (played by Ramón Rodríguez) is the titular GBI agent from the series Will Trent, based on the series of books by Karin Slaughter.  Will grew up in the foster care system alongside off-and-on girlfriend Angie Polaski and solves crimes in Atlanta with his partner Faith Mitchell.  He has a penchant for three-piece suits, loves his adopted pup Betty, and always carries a handkerchief.  To build your costume, you’ll need a brown three-piece suit, button down shirt, dress shoes, and tie.  Top it off witha white handkerchief and a stuffed pup to stand in as your Betty.

Neopolitan (School Disguise) from RWBY

Neo is a major antagonist in the online series RWBY, created by Rooster Teeth. While she doesn’t speak, she does technically have some small sounds that she makes, which are provided by Casey Lee Williams in English, and by Konomi Fujimura in Japanese.

She has the ability to change her appearance into whatever she wishes, due to her Semblance ‘Overactive Imagination’, and uses this for many infiltration purposes. During volume 3, she joins in with the rest of Cinder’s team to sneak into Beacon and take part in the Vytal Festival Tournament, though we only see her in this disguise in one very brief scene.

Neo’s normally tri-colored hair is changed to black for this disguise, and worn up in two long pigtails, tied with white bows. Her eyes are green upon first seeing her, but right at the moment of attack, she lets her heterochromia show, and you can see her pink and brown eyes again. Her shirt is a black, sleeveless crop stop with a high collar, tied with a black ribbon, and topped with white ruffle accents. The bottom half appears to be a black and white paneled skirt (the angle makes it very difficult to tell if they’re shorts or a skirt), with a white belt at the top and white ribbon detailing along the side. The outfit is finished off with elbow-length black gloves, white and black leg warmers, and black boots with her symbol on the bottom.