Red Devil from Scream Queens

Red Devil from Scream Queens

The Red Devil is the masked killer preying on the sorority members of Kappa Kappa Tau in Scream Queens. Their identity is unknown but some are starting to point their fingers at Chanel Oberlin.

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  1. We all ready know it’s two red devils a boy and girl which is sisters and brothers, who ever watched all the episodes to 110 you know Boone is the boy killer know one knows who the girl killer is all I know is it’s his twin sister…………..Download #(Scream Queens wiki on play store to find out even MORE!things about scream queens bye

  2. ^ We all know, blah – blah – blah. Why are drama queens have to flap their lips about everything?! Keep your spoilers to yourself, douchebag.

    (Thanks for the costume tip, Amy!)

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