Sharona Fleming from Monk

Sharona Fleming from Monk

For former San Francisco Police Detective Adrian Monk, the world is a jungle of germs, compulsions, and amazing water. Fortunately for him (and perhaps a bit unfortunately for her), his practical nurse, Bitty Schram's Sharona Fleming is there to help him navigate it. At least, she was for the first two and a half seasons. Despite her uptight title, Sharona's sense of style -- a mix of punk and sixties retro -- evokes a whimsical, "devil may care" vibe, perhaps to compensate for her daily stressors as the single mother of a rambunctious son, and careworn assistant to a man struggling with extreme OCD. Here, we've put together an approximation of various outfits Sharona's worn throughout her time on Monk - she generally favors V-necks, miniskirts, numerous necklaces and chokers, and the color blue.

Sharona Fleming from Monk Costume 123456

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  1. Sylvanna June 17, 2023 Reply

    How dare you not mention the low rise, hip hugging boot cut or bell bottom pants that she FREQUENTLY wore??!! The one and only Frankie B’s, Juicy Couture, Seven for Mankind, and of course her Isabella Fiore bags!!! This website it such a let-down! Accuracy or authenticity is not on the syllabus folks. 👎🏻

  2. Sharona is HOT

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