Rachel Greene from Friends

Friends, among other things, shows the evolution of Rachel Karen Greene from a runaway bride with unrealistic expectations of the world to a thriving businesswoman with questionable decision-making skills — at least, in terms of her personal life. (Joey? Really?) Career-wise, the character of Rachel served as a breakout role for actress Jennifer Aniston.

Rachel’s fashion sense can be summed up in plaid, pleated miniskirts, comfy sweaters, and dresses with Mandarin collars. All the more iconic is the hairstyle she sported at various lengths throughout Friends’ ten-season run.

Ari Jin from Flowering Heart

Ari Jin (voiced by Nancy Kim) is one of the three main protagonists of Flowering Heart. Ari is friendly and energetic, and cares deeply for her friends. Her flower is the pink azalea and her gemstone is the ruby, while her transformation is the Romantic Lip. Ari’s cheerful disposition compliments her pink hair and outfit.

Rosa from Fortnite

Rosa is a skin that players can use in Fortnite. Her design is based on Dia De Los Muertos, or the day of the dead. It’s a wonderful South American holiday meant to honor those who have passed on. So don’t let her skeletal features scare you! Though the player’s prowess in combat probably should!

To dress as Rosa you’ll want to start with a black wig pulled up in a bun with a red rose clipped in. From there you’ll want a purple undershirt. Teal satin can be glued to the shirt to create the neck piece and puff sleeves. A black and purple corset with a green bow gets you very close to her exact look. A black layered skirt and some purple satin allow you to copy the bottom half of Rosa’s outfit, along with a teal ribbon for the bow at the side. Black lace tights and heeled black boots finish off her clothes while ace paint and black nail polish give you the final details of her look.

Miyuki Hoshizora from Pretty Cure!

Miyuki Hoshizora from Pretty Cure

Pretty Cure! – also known as Glitter Force to English-speaking audiences – is a relatively new magical girl anime show focused around a group of friends and the foes they fight. Miyuki – Emily in Glitter Force – is the fanciful and somewhat flighty member of the group. She’s also more or less the leader though that can shift from mission to mission.

Miyuki’s color is pink and that is the main color in all of her costumes. For her main costume you’ll want a long pink wig done in ponytails. For her crown you’ll need a basic white crown and pink gems that you can glue in place. The bow on her shirt also requires some DIY to glue or sew the gold button in the center of the bow.

For her main outfit you’ll want a white puff-sleeve undershirt, a pink vest with matching skirt, a white crinoline to make the skirt flare out, and pink bike shorts under that. White boots finish off the look though you can use paint to add the pink tips to the toes.

cool cats community characters

Cool Cats from Community

In “Celebrity Pharmacology,” the thirteenth episode in season two of Community, the group must perform an anti-drug skit at a middle school. Annie writes the script and assigns the roles of the “Cool Cats” to Jeff (Joel McHale) and Britta (Gillian Jacobs). They’re laid-back, detached, and of course, cool. You can either be Jeff or Britta, and grab a friend or partner to complete the pair. This is a simple, yet original couple cosplay that any fan of the show will recognize.

Cha Cha from The Umbrella Academy

Cha-Cha from The Umbrella Academy

Cunning and sadistic, Agent Cha-Cha (Mary J. Blige) works for The Handler as a time-traveling assassin, who does her job to prevent cataclysmic ends to the world (or allow them, if it’s for the greater good of the timeline) and likes it. Her current target is the Umbrella Academy’s Number Five. Does it concern her ever so slightly that her partner, Hazel, has gotten distracted and just a little bit softhearted over the friendly proprietor of the local doughnut shop? It is entirely possible.

The Rumor from The Umbrella Academy

I heard a rumor that you want to cosplay The Rumor from The Umbrella Academy using items from Amazon. Oh, you do? Well, you’ve come to the right place! The Rumor, real name Allison Hargreeves is one of seven super-powered siblings from the dysfunctional Umbrella Academy family. Her ability? Making anyone do anything she says, so long as she prefaces her statement with “I heard a rumor….” But can someone as narcissistic and manipulative as The Rumor handle the great power and responsibility that comes with her job?

True from True and the Rainbow Kingdom

True from True and the Rainbow Kingdom

True (voiced by Michela Luci) is the big-hearted and strong-willed main character on True and the Rainbow Kingdom. This Netflix original teaches viewers the power of empathy and gratitude as well a community and imagination. And while those watching might not have their wishes granted by The Wishing Tree like True does, they can learn from True’s compassionate nature and eagerness to help those around her!

The most iconic part of True’s costume is her hair. Her bright blue pigtails  and white headband are part of her signature. A little glue and some felt balls recreates the bow on her headband so you can more closely match her look. For the rest of her outfit you will need a white blouse with puffed sleeves and a white Peter Pan collar. A pink skirt, pink leggings, rainbow socks, and yellow rain boots complete the look. And of course a stuffed black cat can go along on your adventures the way Bartleby does with True!

Louise Elizabeth Sawyer from Thelma and Louise

Louise Elizabeth Sawyer played by Susan Sarandon is an independent woman living in Arkansas. She works as a waitress and has an on again off again boyfriend named Jimmy. Her best friend is Thelma, a sweet but very naive young housewife in an abusive relationship. Louise wants to have a weekend getaway with Thelma not realizing entirely how bad Thelma’s home life has been. The two hit the road in Louise’s baby blue 1966 Ford Thunderbird and get into trouble by nightfall. This is definitely a warm-weather outfit but if you live in a colder climate a leather, suede, or jean jacket could be added. It is a casual look with light make up but definitely a costume that you need a partner to feel complete in. There is no Louise without Thelma and vice versa!

Allison Hargreaves from Umbrella Academy

Allison Hargreeves from The Umbrella Academy

On Netflix’s adaptation of The Umbrella Academy, Emily Raver-Lampman brings The Rumor to life in the form of Allison Hargreeves, an accomplished and stunningly beautiful actress whose onscreen success totally has nothing to do with her superhuman ability to manipulate anyone with her words. “I heard a rumor [that you’re going to do something I want],” is a phrase that has earned Allison many favors in the world, but also some traumatizing drawbacks. Don’t miss Allison’s 1960s yellow dress look from season 2 as well.