Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley is a professional wrestler in the WWE.  Aggressive and strong, Rhea has quickly made a name for herself in wrestling world. To nail Rhea’s look, you’ll need to be comfortable with leather, studs, and the color black.  Her look involves slicked-back black hair, dark lipstick, and heavy eye makeup.  For her costume, start with black fishnet tights, faux leather briefs, and a halter top.  You can add purple wing details to the bottoms with leather paint.  You’ll also need a studded collar and belt, a body harness, and a thigh harness.  Finish the look with combat boots and black wristbands.

Rose Noble

Rose Noble is a character in the Doctor Who 60th anniversary special, first appearing in “The Star Beast.” She’s the daughter of Shaun Temple and former companion Donna Noble. She is transgender, specifically non-binary femme. She runs a small business creating alien toys to make money for her parents, who donated their lottery winnings to charity. Rose has always felt different, which allows her to sympathize with the Meep. Combined with her memories of aliens and the TARDIS, it’s revealed she inherited part of her mother’s suppressed meta-crisis. This also influenced her choice of name – a nod to Rose Tyler. When Rose acknowledges her existence outside the binary, she’s able to save her mother’s life, and the two let go of the meta-crisis together. Transgender actress Yasmin Finney portrays this role.

Gretchen from Mean Girls (2024)

Gretchen is a character from the new 2024 musical movie Mean Girls, and is played by Bebe Wood. This new film is based on the Mean Girls musical, a live broadway show that follows the story of the 2004 film Mean Girls, that we all know starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams. Gretchen is a part of ‘the plastics’ which are the group of popular girls in school. She is known as the one that is insecure and loves gossip.

Gretchen’s costume, like the others in this new take on the story follow current trends. One look you could recreate is the look that features a brown patterned sweater vest worn over a white tee, and a matching brown scrunchie in her hair. Another is a light pink cardigan, a hot pink corset style tank top, and a pink printed mini skirt.

Jeanne from The Case Study of Vanitas

Jeanne (voiced in Japanese by Inori Minase and in English by Molly Searcy) is one of the major protagonists in the anime/manga series, The Case Study of Vanitas, by Jun Mochizuki.

She carries the title of the Hellfire Witch, from when she was a bourreau, and has a thousand-count high total of fellow vampires that she slaughtered during that time. Currently she serves as the bodyguard of Luca Oriflamme, and has some sort of runaround relationship with Vanitas (and possibly Domi as well, if you’re caught up on the manga).

Jeanne has chin-length fluffed white hair with a pink overtone wash on it, and vibrant gold ringed eyes. Her usual outfit consists of a white high-collared coat that buttons to the side, with pink accents on all the fastenings and hems. This is matched by a fastenable slitted white skirt, with pink attachment points and hem, and a quilted pink underside, with the whole outfit sometimes being worn with a matching cape over top. She also wears brown fingerless gloves, matching thigh high socks with diamond detailing at the top, and thigh high armored boots in a light grey metal.

Patissier Peach from Princess Peach: Showtime!

Patissier Peach from Princess Peach: Showtime!

In Princess Peach: Showtime!, Peach transforms from her usual position as the princess of Mushroom Kingdom to a patissier, baking delectable desserts roughly the size of her head. The baker is one of many transformations she takes to gain special new powers.

Jo from Showing Up

Jo is a character from the film Showing Up, and is played by Hong Chau. Showing Up follows an introverted art student and a sculptor named Lizzy, who is preparing for her exhibition as she struggles with finding balance with her creative work and everyday struggles, and the unexpected friend she finds in a pigeon she nurses back to health. Jo is also an art student working on an exhibition, but she is very accomplished and extroverted.

Jo dresses in more saturated colors with lots of blues, like her costume on the tire swing with blue jeans, a blue sweatshirt, yellow bandana, and crocs. At Lizzy’s art exhibit she wears a little more of a sophisticated or mature deeper blue maxi dress.

Wadanohara (Sailor Outfit)

Wadanohara is the titular character of the 2013 pixel horror game, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea.

She is the daughter of the Great Sorcerer, Meikai, and is a witch herself, living in the sea with her familiars. Throughout the game she ends up having a few different outfits, branching out of different situations, but this is the one you first see her in at the start of the game, when all of them are on a boat ride.

Her eyes are a soft-toned grey, and she has light brown hair, worn in a hime style cut and tied down into two mid-back braids. For this look, she wears a white shirt styled like a classic sailor shirt/school top, with blue accents and a blue ribbon, plus a matching white skirt with a large blue ribbon at the back. Her hat matches this theme, worn slightly offset on her head. The look is finished off with dark black/grey socks, and black Mary Jane shoes.

Katt Boswell from Good Burger 2

Katt Boswell (Jillian Bell) is the major antagonist of Good Burger 2. She’s the CEO and owner of MegaCorp. Her goal is to exact revenge on Dexter and Ed for shutting down Mondo Burger and subsequently putting her brother in jail. Her brother is none other than Kurt Boswell, the antagonist of the first movie. Katt creates Mega Good Burger to put Good Burger out of business – but it quite literally blows up in her face. Her outfit screams classic, cartoonish villain with a neon yellow color scheme and touches of black leather.

Dana Barrett from Ghostbusters

Dana Barret is a character from the famous 1984 film Ghostbusters and is played by Sigourney Weaver. Dana is a woman who lives in New York and is a professional musician. She is also the first client of the Ghostbusters.

Dana Barret has a very 80s wardrobe, consisting of lots of warm pieces like coats, sweaters, and scarves as she lives in New York. To re-create this look wear a gray sweater dress, layered with a black belt at the waist, and over that a purple plaid scarf. She also has accessories like her pearl bracelet and silver watch.

monica from hooty

Monica from Hooky

Monica is a main character in the web comic Hooky.  She is a princess who becomes close friends with Dorian and Daniela.  Monica is adventurous and confident, and enjoys reading.  She has long pink hair and freckles that become more prominent in the sun.  Monica favors the color yellow and can often be found wearing a yellow patterned dress over a white puff-sleeved blouse.  Accessorize your chosen outfit with a cute belt and brown boots, as well as a petticoat under your dress to make sure it puffs out in true princess fashion.

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