Ariko Katsuragi/Alice from Alice’s Warped Wonderland/Alice in Distortionworld

Ariko/Alice is the main character of the horror game Alice in Distortionworld/Alice’s Warped Wonderland, though the name is imposed on her as the other characters insist on calling her it.

She fulfills the role of ‘Alice’ in a world that is both Wonderland and her own, but with a much darker twist to it, and the worry of not knowing who to trust. Her guide throughout the world is this story’s iteration of the Cheshire Cat.

Alice has mid-toned brown eyes, and her hair is the same color, reaching down to the middle of her back with short bangs. She wears a red dress with puffed sleeves, a black collar with a matching ribbon, and black lace trim layered around the hems. A white lace-trimmed apron is worn over top, and she has matching socks that she wears with black mary-janes.

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