Saix from Kingdom Hearts

Saix (voiced in Japanese by Ginpei Sato and in English by Kirk Thornton) is a major antagonist throughout the Kingdom Hearts franchise (though various titles change this).

He is number VII (7) in Organization XIII, the main group of antagonists, and his title is the Luna Diviner, as he uses the power of the moon to unlock his Berserker mode to become a stronger attacker. He is seen as very high up in rank in the Organization, despite being VII in the ranks, and is often more cold and uncaring. Saix joined at the same time as Axel, as the two of them were very close before the events that turned them into Nobodies, as seen in Birth By Sleep.

He has long, semi-spiked mid-toned blue hair with a lighter gradient to it, and his eyes are an intense gold, signifying his closer connection to Darkness. There is a large, rough, X-shaped scar right in between his eyes, crossing over his nose, that he got upon becoming a Nobody, as well as pointed ears. Saix wears the standard Organization cloak, with matching leather gloves, black pants, and flat-heeled black boots with a silver top trim. His weapon is a large metallic Claymore, that has an extended form when he’s in Berserker mode.

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